42 Femcels And Incels From Dating Apps Who Clearly Didn't Understand The Meaning Of "Write A Brief Bio"

1.This guy is looking for a servant, basically. But don't worry, he provides a "weekly allowance."

51 year old man looking for a woman to do a strict list of things for $100 allowance a week
u/ZhangtheGreat / Via reddit.com

2.This guy was trying to find a wife he could starve. Also, EIGHT KIDS??!?

person is not allowed to more than 1000 calories a day
u/Cherry_Crystals / Via reddit.com

3.This guy hated therapy, LGBTQ people, BLM, and college-educated women...sounds like an ideal partner! (Sarcasm, obviously).

long list of requirements
u/smelltheglue / Via reddit.com

4.He wants people who aren't judgmental and don't make him feel like crap after basically listing all the ways he's judgmental along with things he'll make you feel like crap for doing.

If you can't read the above, it says: 

5.This person had IQ requirements for their "female companion" (barf).

iq above135
u/TomW7_ / Via reddit.com

6.This woman said she was "not picky at all" and then had, like, two pages of requirements.

very long list profile on muz match
u/easternWest / Via reddit.com

7.Funny that she wrote "BYE" so many times in this profile because that's exactly what I'd like to say to her.

long list of no's

8.This woman wanted you to pay for her SHEIN haul for the date.

long list of requirements
u/LeagueofSOAD / Via reddit.com

9.This person was LOOKING for someone to be "obsessive" even after getting blocked...which is just so toxic.

looking for marriage asap
[deleted] / Via reddit.com

10.This man was just extremely offensive.

racist and rude profile
u/cruellydissent / Via reddit.com

11.And this guy was racist and clearly fetishized Asian women.

problematic profile
u/danita0053 / Via reddit.com

12.What does this guy have against Kurt Cobain?

no militant feminists or kurt cobain fangirls
u/ttough / Via reddit.com

13.And what does this woman have against flip flops?

no one under 6'0 or person who wears flip flops
u/Explainer003 / Via reddit.com

14.This guy literally turned messaging him into a math equation.

point system on his profile
u/Proper-Crazy-8511 / Via reddit.com

15.Pretty bold of this guy to request women with game when he clearly has none.

long list of requirements ending in i am not your piggy bank
u/InfatuatedCoconut314 / Via reddit.com

16.This woman had a whole "husband checklist"...that included being involved in "illegal activities."

long checklist for a 19 year old
u/heartofgold0 / Via reddit.com

17.This man wanted a woman who was available at ALL times, and yet also has a job that pays over $70K.

long list of wants
u/jaundicesurvivor69 / Via reddit.com

18.Most of the people who are against those addressing their mental health seem like they would 100% benefit from seriously addressing their own mental health.

guy doesn't want someone who is on mental health medication
u/softlemon / Via reddit.com

19.This guy sounds nice!!!

do not be fat, if you're not a 7 hot i'm not interested
u/kabukistar / Via reddit.com

20.This woman thought men under six feet are "not real men."

long list of don'ts
u/AntiSocialPartygoer / Via reddit.com

21.This person was looking for someone financially secure because they themselves have actively blown all their money.

looking for a man willing to share money because i was forced into a tight spot financially
u/PracticalCobbler8620 / Via reddit.com

22.This guy admitted to running "social experiments" on strangers, then said you'd be paranoid to think he's messing with you.

if you can keep up i'll give you a gold star
u/PracticalSnail / Via reddit.com

23.I'm not sure anyone has "won" anything by making it through this profile, except maybe proving their heightened ability to deal with bullshit.

paragraphs upon paragraphs about what this person is looking for
u/lumberepi / Via reddit.com

24.This guy really gave percentages for his (nonexistent) GF's "attire."

looking for a woman with conservative values
u/ZyberZeus / Via reddit.com

25.Yeah, you sure sound like a nice guy.

no liberals, moms, or chicks over 185 pounds
u/MariahSBean / Via reddit.com

26.Ah yes, the classic disgusting 50-year-old who wants a woman aged 18–30.

a paper printed out with the things this man is looking for including, she will do what's asked
u/phisigtheduck / Via reddit.com

27.At least she got all of her red flags out of the way quickly.

person starts the profile by saying they're awesome
[deleted] / Via reddit.com

28.This person was "desperate" but also ridiculously picky.

please don't swipe right on me if you aren't attractive enough
u/AngeryCatto / Via reddit.com

29.If your list of "requirements" is 25 points long, you may need to reconsider your life choices.

  u/Uncool4Life / Via reddit.com
u/Uncool4Life / Via reddit.com

30.What are YOU bringing to the relationship, dude?

very long list of requirements including good at cooking breakfast and using air freshener in a bathroom
u/Prof_RPNT / Via reddit.com

31."Wears fun, sexy, offbeat outfits" is one of the more cringe things I've seen on these lists.

  u/Silver_Foxx / Via reddit.com
u/Silver_Foxx / Via reddit.com

32.This person sounds like a real charmer.

i am capale of love, i prove it by loving animals, books, video games, etc
u/Cynoid / Via reddit.com

33.I'm really scratching my head at the "has never been out of the country" one. Like...why?

nonnegotiable is someone who's never been out of the country
u/uhhsamurai / Via reddit.com

34.This woman was being TOTALLY reasonable.

body count can't be higher than one, and they have to do whatever the guy says
u/Silverburst09 / Via reddit.com

35.I wonder why this woman is single?

15 points on what the woman is looking for, like they can't be religious

36.This guy should just DM Melania at this point (though I doubt she cooks, cleans, and does all the house chores).

i am looking for a woman who can behave like melania trump and can cook clean and do all house chores
u/_regionrat / Via reddit.com

37.Why do some people use dating profiles to complain about being single or announce they'll be single forever? This isn't your personal blog.

25 year old has a boyfriend description
u/kysnou_ / Via reddit.com

38.This woman really wasn't asking too much.

i'm literally the biggest princess if you give me versace you have muy heart
u/GreyCloud59 / Via reddit.com

39.I'm starting to understand why this person has never had a Valentine.

someone starts their profile by saying they've never had a valentines date
u/J_U_D_G_E / Via reddit.com

40.This guy sent the woman he was briefly talking to a whole Google doc of his requirements, and if I were her, I'd be running for the hills.

numbered list of requirements
u/Bartlet_for_America_ / Via reddit.com

41.I really, really hope this is just a troll.

wanting a female that does not nag or masterbate
u/Sinwit / Via reddit.com

42.And finally, this isn't even a dating profile, but a mom looking for a wife for her son, and if that isn't a red flag enough, just check out her requirements.

mom saying her boy isn't getting any younger with a long list of requirements
u/snoopingfeline / Via reddit.com