At 40, Sienna Miller's abs & legs are 🔥 in tiny LBD and stockings

<span class="caption">Sienna Miller's core in a little black dress is 🔥</span>
Sienna Miller's core in a little black dress is 🔥

Sienna Miller is making a strong case for the little black dress.

The Anatomy of a Scandal star rocked a strapless LBD with an ab-baring cutout at the Moet & Chandon Holiday Season Celebration at the Lincoln Center, New York, and looked absolutely fab while doing so.

It was impossible to ignore Sienna’s strong core and legs (and overall body, if I’m being real) on the red carpet. If you’re wondering what she does to stay toned...I’ve got you covered.

sienna miller flaunts abs, legs in little black dress photos
Sienna Miller at the Moet & Chandon Holiday Season Celebration in New York.Jamie McCarthy - Getty Images

Sienna does yoga, which according to Us Weekly helps her emotional wellness as much as her physical health.

'I do yoga three times a week…more because I’m just searching for some equanimity. It’s very easy to feel exhausted by these schedules and time zones,' Sienna told the website. Sienna also shared she’s not a big SoulCycle girl.

'Sometimes I cringe a little bit at the motivational aspect of it, but that’s just because I’m English and we’re not used to saying, "You see your dream! Go get it,"' Sienna told Vogue, per Us Weekly.

When it comes to her diet, Sienna is pretty chill, which is nice to hear from a celeb. She told Harper’s Bazaar that she loves to cook.

'Cooking is a focus for me,' Sienna shared, 'But I wouldn’t say healthy … I’m more of a home cook: roasts, some Asian food, pastas and sauces and soups. In terms of, like, chia seed and whatever grains, no. I’m like, "Fried eggs and Marmite toast!"'

So...dinner at Sienna’s house? I’m waiting for my invite!

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