4-year-old girl deemed ‘love expert’ for her perfect response to dad’s relationship question

When this father asked his little girl if she thinks she’ll ever find “the one,” she promptly declared, “I am the one,” and viewers are obsessed with her perfect response.

TikToker and parent La Guardia Cross’ (@laguardiacross) daughter, Amalah, may only be four years old, but according to her father, she’s already an expert in the game of love. The father-of-two recently shared a video where he asked Amalah if she thinks she’ll ever find “the one,” and viewers can’t help but admire her unwavering confidence after she responded affirmatively that it is she who is “the one.”

“Alright, can I ask you a question, Amalah?” Cross asks his daughter at the beginning of the clip, captioned, “At four years old, my daughter turned 40.”

“Yes,” the four-year-old replies, casually looking up from her phone. “Do you think you’ll ever find ‘the one?’” Cross asks wistfully.

Redirecting her attention back to her phone, Amalah, without hesitation, fires back, “I am the one,” sounding slightly annoyed that this was even a question in the first place.

Rendered speechless by the statement, Cross looks at his daughter with an expression that suggests he’s wondering if his daughter might be a love and relationship prodigy before the video comes to a close.

Viewers took to the comments to admire and express gratitude for the four-year-old’s wisdom.

“I think she is the Oracle, and we all need to talk to her,” one user joked.

“Her timing was perfect! Not a heartbeat of a pause. I’ve found my spirit person,” remarked one TikToker.

“YES! THIS is amazing! I pray for this confidence for all girls and women,” one viewer mentioned.

“YES, you are! Remember that for the rest of your life! Our child selves always knew us best,” encouraged one TikToker.
Amalah may be young, but she’s already shown many people the importance of self-love and confidence.

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