The 38 Weirdest Things Ever Sold On Facebook Marketplace, Like People Are Actually Terrifying

Facebook marketplace is one of the most wild (and high-key magical) places on the internet where you can find literally anything...

Hands holding a phone displaying a social media post about a car parked on a sidewalk
Nic Coury / AFP via Getty Images

That said, here are some of the weirdest things people have ever found on there...

1.These *literal* footstools:

2. A minion patio heater:

Twitter: @ellenfromnowon

3."Spooky pies" that may actually eat you before you eat them:

4.This cute Snoopy costume:

Snoopy costume for sale on a sofa in a social media marketplace post

5. This "unique" storage cabinet:

Twitter: @DeadJosey

6.A minion dresser:

Dresser with Minion design from Despicable Me, for sale on Facebook marketplace

7.A Garth Brooks one-of-a-kind jean jacket:

Jacket with a large printed face on the back, displayed for sale. The post is a humorous share on a social platform

8. A Thicc Pikachu:

Twitter: @xwingpilot93

9.This goat skull that was definitely used for ritualistic sacrifice:

The image shows an ornate, skull-shaped object with decorative elements, positioned on a textured surface

10. An antique pitchfork:

Twitter: @SlugInkPress

11.A homemade arm wrestling machine:

Wooden chair modified with fake human arm for arm wrestling, labeled "Homemade Arm Wrestling Machine, $69"

12. A CPR dog training model:

Twitter: @bullxndr

13. Candles that look like "real food":

Twitter: @evornithology

14. A gynecological doctors table:

Twitter: @sarahxtonin

15. This portrait of a UK comedian:

Twitter: @garyanderson666

16. A love seat with Timbs for feet:

Twitter: @kooooooooooorah

17.A suggestive Miss Piggy piggybank:

Miss Piggy coin bank depicted, humorous context implying marketplace can be frightening

18.Used coffins:

19. Fancy toilets:

Twitter: @MaTTFLaMMaBLe

20. Jackie Kennedy in a wicker chair:

Twitter: @the_local_thot

21. A Titanic bounce house:

Twitter: @grantmcauley

22.This thoughtful Father's Day gift:

23.Some telephone poles:

Woman sells telephone poles for $175 on Marketplace; various sizes shown with end-grain and bark

24.These cute shoes:

25.Four bags of rubber spaghetti:

26.A homemade bathroom sign:

27.A furry dresser:

28.An $89 gnome ballerina:

29.Some earrings that smell kinda funny:

30.A couch made of multiple pairs of jeans:

31.A 1985 Chevrolet "pirate ship":

32.This crying girl in a raincoat:

Child-sized mannequin in yellow raincoat and hat, facing a corner, in a room with furniture

33.Charles Manson's baby teeth:

small teeth on a red cloth

34. Spicy Gushers:

Twitter: @PlanetTelex79

35. A Rock-shaped toothpaste topper:

Twitter: @antiquestwins

36. This minion stove:

Twitter: @maritzableu

37. This doll:

Twitter: @BrionyWinn

38.And lastly, a basketball Halloween mask: