35 beautiful ways to add colour to your kitchen

Bright and colourful kitchen ideas

<p>Wood Works Brighton</p>

Wood Works Brighton

A colourful kitchen will inject instant character into the heart of your home. Whether you go all-out on vibrant cabinetry or elevate your scheme with just a few bold appliances, adding a splash of colour can turn an uninspiring kitchen into a standout room.

From striking neon tones to pretty pastels, click or scroll through and take a look at these kaleidoscopic ideas to transform your culinary space...

Embrace Peach Fuzz

<p>Olive & Barr</p>

Olive & Barr

Take note and makeover your kitchen with one of the hottest colour trends: Peach Fuzz. Pantone's Color of the Year 2024 is a gentle peach tone which we think we're going to be seeing everywhere.

This bright coral island looks luxurious against peachy cabinetry, with black and white touches to create a stylish kitchen that is both modern and opulent.

Add interesting artwork



Insert colour into a muted peachy kitchen by adding wall art to plain kitchen walls.

From framed prints and patterned plates to wall calendars and chalkboards, the options to break up chunky wall cabinetry with a pop of bright charm are endless. These graphic prints come as an uplifting set of floral fun.

Jazz up with tiles

<p>Day True / Ca'Pietra</p>

Day True / Ca'Pietra

Yellow and blue sit on the opposite sides of the colour wheel so when teamed they really pop! Kitchen designers Day True have combined this uplifting colour combination by teaming teal blue with striking Neapolitan porcelain yellow striped hexagon tiles from Ca'Pietra.

Tiled in a geometric pattern the overall look is super-fresh and breathtaking.

Mix and match cabinets



Install or paint personality into your kitchen with an array of contrasting cupboards. For a full burst of colour, why not echo the look on walls by tiling or re-painting the splashback in complementary vibrant shades?

Whether you have the budget for a complete redesign like this incredible work of (retro-style) art by Pluck or simply want to refresh existing materials, the fun look will certainly brighten the heart of your home.

Long live red



Ketchup red might not be the first colour you'd think of to paint your kitchen but the rich and deep tone is one of the hottest interior colour trends right now.

Tash Bradley, Lick's Director of Interior Design and a colour psychologist says: “The power of Heinz Ketchup as a brand is incredible because we all grew up with it in and outside of our homes. Who hasn’t seen a Heinz Ketchup bottle in their day-to-day life? [It] plays on the sense of nostalgia – we hope it will trigger that happy, warm feeling when used in a home."

Paint a splashback

<p>Olive & Barr</p>

Olive & Barr

A wood-panelled kitchen splashback makes an ideal alternative to tiles in traditional kitchens and once painted will continue the flow of colour.

Make sure the wood is protected with either a specific splashproof paint or a coat of waterproof wood protector once the paint is dry. This timeless kitchen is balanced perfectly with dark wood shelving and worktops which is then complemented with Shaker-style stools.

Colour in the radiators

<p>Only Radiators</p>

Only Radiators

Rejuvenate your kitchen radiators by painting them in a bold and bright hue.

This zinging green heater would have faded into the background as standard white. But, now it's married into the kitchen colour scheme as a vibrant and cheerful addition. This design has been manufactured in a citrus green tone, so, if painting seems too tricky, just leave it to the professionals.

Choose neon vibes



Is the heart of your home flat-lining without colour? Why not give it a shock start with an electrifying and colourful neon light?

Related wording such as "this kitchen is for dancing" is fun and popular. Or, food-related icons like a coffee cup or ice cream look the part too. Get ready for the kitchen disco to begin.

Call on new trends

<p>Walls and Floors</p>

Walls and Floors

Vertical tiling is a hot kitchen trend we are seeing right now and what better way to explore the story than with rich and shimmery indigo tones?

The narrow, vertical matchstick-pattern tiles cascade downwards on this kitchen wall tile splashback echoing the effect of a waterfall for a refreshing finish.


Create a kaleidoscope

<p>Wood Works Brighton</p>

Wood Works Brighton

This could be the most colourful kitchen we've ever seen. Inspired by a Mexican home, the biggest challenge for Wood Works Brighton was how to design and place so many colours.

Balanced out with sections of bare natural plywood we think the kitchen company has nailed it.

Paint the kitchen island

<p>Wren Kitchens</p>

Wren Kitchens

For a less-is-more colour solution, update a kitchen island with a vibrant contrasting tone to the rest of the kitchen.

The pop of colour will bring out different dimensions of your existing colour scheme, as well as anchor the room. Guests will be instantly drawn to the central hub of the room.

Update dull handles

<p>Plank Hardware / @lindsey_isla / Instagram</p>

Plank Hardware / @lindsey_isla / Instagram

Painting an existing kitchen with a lick of bright colour is a brilliant upcycled kitchen idea. Lindsey Isla Henderson took to her Instagram feed, @lindsey_isla to showcase her budget kitchen renovation. Her pink kitchenette has been finished with contrasting door handles in sage green.

Lindsey says: "I went for Plank Hardware's Sage Green as I thought it would complement the green tiles and flooring. I also thought it would add a modern edge to the traditional looking kitchen, in contrast to the pink cupboards."

Fill in the floor

<p>Walls and Floors</p>

Walls and Floors

Draw the eye to the ground with vivid kitchen flooring in a vibrant shade and striking pattern. This clever colour will reflect the light and create the illusion of more space.

It creates the ultimate oceanic contrast against white or light grey painted cabinets and walls. If you have leftover tiles, why not create a coherent finish by using them to highlight a range? Tile a feature splashback up to the ceiling, the addition will protect the walls and finish the colourful scheme with a bang.

Lay down a runner



Floor runners are being rolled out onto kitchen floors everywhere and we can understand why.

Choose a stain-resistant and machine-washable version for the high-traffic area. We love how this iconic Keith Haring Block Party runner adds funky colour, pattern and character to a white kitchen.

Bring in textiles

<p>Molly Mahon</p>

Molly Mahon

Textiles are a sure-fire and easy option to add colour, pattern and texture to a kitchen. Place a bright tablecloth on the kitchen table, hang a run of vibrant and vintage-style sink and cupboard skirts or choose funky and fabulous tea towels from wall hooks and display.

If you have a breakfast nook, pile it up with rainbow-coloured seat pads and cushions.

Accessorise to the max

<p>@overatno18 / Instagram</p>

@overatno18 / Instagram

You don't need multicoloured cabinets to create a vibrant kitchen scheme. Instagrammer, Geri Sammut-Alessi at @overatno18 uses a combination of coloured glassware, artwork and flowers to inject a rainbow into her otherwise subtle-toned kitchen.

The bonus to this colourful kitchen idea is that updates and shade changes can be budget-friendly and instant.

Choose statement seating

<p>Wood Works Brighton</p>

Wood Works Brighton

Bringing a little colour into your kitchen needn't cost the earth. Get creative on a budget by adding metal bistro bar stools to your breakfast bar in a contrasting and vibrant shade to the cabinetry.

If you can't stretch to brand new stools search a flea market or online marketplace for a preloved pair and give them a new lease of life by spraying or painting them in a metal furniture paint – the brighter the better!

Pick purples and pinks

<p>Naked Kitchens</p>

Naked Kitchens

A colourful kitchen doesn't mean reaching for sunglasses every time you enter the room. This sophisticated palette is soft and soothing – deep aubergine walls and petal pink cabinets are broken up by pale grey worktops and finished with a modern gold tap.

The overall effect feels grown-up, pretty and refined.

Run with berry shades

<p>Benjamin Moore</p>

Benjamin Moore

This uplifting berry-toned statement wall looks sensational in this modern black, white and natural wood kitchen.

The coral tinged with pink shade has a darker undertone that makes the look fresh without becoming overly sweet.

Cool with blue

<p>Topps Tiles</p>

Topps Tiles

A soft blue kitchen will make a space feel fresh and energised as well as give an instant hit of Miami-style exuberance.

For a balanced and harmonious space team with muted and organic accessories and natural wood to warm up the look.

Play with pastels

<p>Original Style</p>

Original Style

For a shot of colour without resorting to bold primary shades, embrace an all-pastel scheme.

Pair one or two milky hues together to add depth, and if you've got a kitchen-diner, create continuity by carrying the pastel palette across from your cabinetry to your chairs and soft furnishings.

Highlight appliances



Choose a kitchen appliance that is not the usual black or grey for a playful point of reference. The teal range cooker and matching cookware and accessories become instant heroes in this white kitchen.

Complemented with pops of greenery, the colour injection transforms the neutral scheme into a breezy Mediterranean-inspired space.

Brighten with cookware



Add personality to kitchen worktops with bright and beautiful bakeware.

Accessories with bold or busy patterns will add a fun retro edge to your culinary space, plus their time-tested designs won't fade out of style fast.

Colour drench

<p>Benjamin Moore</p>

Benjamin Moore

Go all out and embrace one tonal palette for a colour-heavy scheme with real drama. In this bold space, dark teal cabinets and matching walls are beautifully offset by warming and glossy wood worktops and floors.

White and silver accents complete the chic mid-century modern-inspired scheme.

Freshen up with stripes

<p>Hyperion Tiles</p>

Hyperion Tiles

Subway tiles are a popular choice in the kitchen, and with so many shades and patterns to choose from, they can take your kitchen from clinical to colourful in a weekend DIY project.

We love this vertical blue and white stripe design: it's super smart and timeless. Don't forget you can create all sorts of striking effects with bright tile grouting too. Trends are seeing the humble faithful being used in new ways to inject character.

Work in wallpaper

<p>Bobbi Beck</p>

Bobbi Beck

If you want to inject colour into a neutral kitchen without splashing out on a refit, makeover your walls instead.

Go for vibrant floral prints and geometric patterns or if you're feeling extra brave, cover a whole wall with a colourful mural.

Replace ordinary window treatments

<p>English Blinds</p>

English Blinds

For an instant lift, pair neutral cabinetry with brightly coloured window dressings. Here, zesty lime green Roman blinds make a vibrant feature in the stylish yet standard kitchen.

To create an ambient evening atmosphere, add reflective pendant lights in shiny metals such as chrome or brass and watch the colour intensify.

Go for earthy tones

<p>LochAnna Kitchens</p>

LochAnna Kitchens

Earthy tones are a hot interiors trend in every room of the house but we think it sings on the kitchen island of this stylish kitchen. Pair it with crisp brilliant white and matt black to make it pop.

Smooth blonde wood completes the organic and natural look for an effortlessly chic kitchen scheme.

Shine on with yellow

<p>Searle & Taylor Kitchens</p>

Searle & Taylor Kitchens

If you're looking to inject a little sunshine into your kitchen, yellow should be your first port of call.

Used here to highlight a modern island, this luminous hue shines against a jet-black backdrop that is ultra-unique.

Have fun with forest green

<p>Smile Kitchens</p>

Smile Kitchens

A simple cabinetry update can create the illusion of a whole new kitchen.

This forest green hue oozes richness and luxury when paired with dark grey tiles. Brass door handles and a terracotta floor completes the refined and sophisticated scheme.

Add red to a dark kitchen

<p>Naked Kitchens</p>

Naked Kitchens

Inject a monochrome scheme with an interesting and much-needed accent colour.

Experiment with the 'unexpected red theory' by adding contrasting red handles to create a simple but striking juxtaposition in a dark kitchen. The vivid shots of colour offer unique attention to detail that transforms the large space into a visual masterpiece. A bowl of fruit showcasing red apples thoughtfully echoes the statement.

Perk up with pendant lighting

<p>Original BTC</p>

Original BTC

Pendant lighting in the kitchen is perfect for highlighting focal features like an island or breakfast bar, but why not make it a feature in its own right?

These oversized vintage-style pendants really pop, adding a colourful twist to a modern yet stark space. Tie the contrasting colour to the scheme by introducing sunny-toned cookware or small appliances.

Layer teal tones

<p>Little Greene</p>

Little Greene

This simple kitchen has been converted into a showstopping colour story using various shades of trendy teal.

Minimalist, clutter-free surfaces create a seamless flow and let fixtures like the gold tap and pendant lights shine brightly against the glorious, rich backdrop.

Elevate statement shutters

<p>Hillarys Blinds</p>

Hillarys Blinds

Add some attitude to a neutral kitchen with vibrant shutters. Perfect for a high-ceiling period property, these classic wooden shutters in royal blue look electrifying against a white backdrop.

Tie the simple but striking look together with just a few colour-matched accents, from crockery to modern artwork.

Bet on white and blue

<p>The Otto House</p>

The Otto House

This 1930s kitchen was once a rather unsightly shade of lime green, but with just a few cheap purchases The Otto House blogger totally revamped it. She used white tile paint to cover up the green, before applying these lovely geometric Brasilia tile stickers from Moonwall.

The band of pattern lifts this white kitchen and ties in with the blue dresser, creating a coherent and individual look without breaking the budget.