It's Very, Very Funny How These 31 Extremely American Things Confuse The Bloody Hell Out Of British People

There was some drama between the US and UK last week!

Stars and Stripes and Union Jack separated by a large crevice
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An American professor suggested adding a pinch of salt to a cup of tea, and Brits lost their minds.

Screenshot of a headline saying "Perfect cup of tea needs a pinch of salt and squeeze of lemon, says US chemist"

People were pissed.

"Who the fuck would put salt in tea?"

The US Embassy even had to issue a statement condemning the recipe.

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They said, "We want to ensure the good people of the UK that the unthinkable notion of adding salt to Britain's national drink is not official United States policy. And never will be."

Two hands, one wearing a US flag and one a UK flag boxing glove
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Because I love a good "US vs. UK" moment, here are some American things that confuse the hell out of British people.

1. When Americans say what grade they are in to describe how old they are.

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2. Beans on toast.

Twitter: @promiiseok

3. Sweet potato casserole.

Twitter: @CatsReturn

4. The way Americans heat up water in microwaves.

Twitter: @poedxmerons

5. The national anthem.


6. The fact that Americans call it "math" instead of "maths."

Twitter: @GrrrantFaulkner

7. When Americans say, "Wanna grab a coffee?"

Twitter: @Fazerella

8. Why Americans call it gas when it's a liquid.

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9. Why Americans are so friendly and chatty in general.

Twitter: @M1dnight_madman

10. Why Americans always joke about marmite.

Twitter: @Joe_The_Brit

11. Why Americans care about the royal family.

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12. Summer camp.

Twitter: @naomi_rovnick

13. The fact that Americans wear things that say "London" and "Oxford," and Brits wear things that say "New York" and "Chicago."

Twitter: @_Georgia_Owen

14. Halloween.

Twitter: @stefanrw1

15. The way Americans call pizza "pie."

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16. The fact that Americans find British accents sexy.

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17. The use of "xx."

Twitter: @jujujupiterr

18. The whole kettle vs. teapot conundrum.

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19. The legal drinking age.

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20. Wee vs. pee.

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21. School dances.

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22. The way Americans struggle to understand British accents.

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23. "Chip chip."

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24. The fact that Americans call it "horseback riding" instead of "horse riding."

Twitter: @GWSFINN

25. Clapping and cheering at movie theaters.

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26. The way Americans carry shopping bags.

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27. The way Americans think talking in British accents is funny.

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28. The way Americans tell non-Americans what specific state they're from, as if the non-American has any idea where that is.

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29. "Lovers' lanes."

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30. "On line" vs. "In line."

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31. And lastly, toasting marshmallows.

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