Revealed: 10 best places to retire in the UK

best places to retire in the uk
10 of the best places to live for retirement AmArtPhotography - Getty Images

To help you find the perfect place to retire in the UK, independent retirement living provider, Retirement Villages, has conducted a survey to reveal the most popular retirement locations amongst pensioners right now.

Guildford came out on top, thanks to its glorious countryside, safe community, nearby National Trust locations and accessible transport links. According to the study, the quaint town scored highest in the National Trust category and has the third lowest crime rate score (72.3 per 1000 people).

Swindon and Warwick closely followed, also offering open countryside, historic houses and landscaped gardens. Most notably, Swindon was in the top three for its popularity with seniors, with 28.6% of over 65s moving to the area in the last decade.

Factors the researchers looked at include good transport connectivity, number of outdoor parks and activities, percentage increase in retiree population over the past decade, and total percentage of local residents who are aged over 65.

swindon best places to retire in the uk
Swindon also made the list Paul Brown - Getty Images

"We have purposefully chosen to analyse data sets that are actually important to older people in 2023, rather than just looking at stereotypical hospital scores and bingo halls," Lucy Black, from Retirement Villages Group, says.

"We are much more interested in factors that offer over 65s a fulfilling, active and exciting life such as socialising opportunities, National Trust locations, and strong public transport links so families can visit. From the latest census data, we found that over 65s and retirees account for almost a fifth of the population in both England (18.4%) and Wales (21.3%), so it's important that many more towns and cities adapt to needs and activities for all ages."

Whether you're planning your retirement plans or simply want some inspiration for the future, take a look at the places which made the list:

10 top places to retire in the UK are...

1. Guildford

2. Swindon

3. Warwick

4. Gloucester

5. Warrington

- 6. Telford (joint)

- 6. York (joint)

8. Reading

9. Plymouth

10. Cardiff

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