30 best most likely to questions, from dirty to funny and everything in between

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Photo credit: Hearst Owned
Photo credit: Hearst Owned

It's been a long old slog, but finally we're allowed to see our mates. We're getting vaxxed, we're going to the pub and we're thinking back to those hazy days of endless Zoom quizzes with absolutely no fondness whatsoever. But, now that we're all socialising again, anyone else realising they've slightly forgotten how to do it? It turns out that in the real world you can't just mute your mic and say whatever you want, you can't pretend to have bad wifi and simply leave and you definitely can't just say "ooh I can't hear you" whenever you don't like the question.

Maybe it would help us all learn how to interact with real-life humans again if we had some kind of structure, some kind of conversational aid. Enter, games.

Look, hear us out. You love a pub quiz? So why not bring that vibe into your home with a game of never have I ever? Or maybe a round or two of truth or dare? Better still, get to know your mates' real opinions of you with some super-revealing most likely to questions like the ones below. Enjoy, and be nice(ish)!

  • Most likely to forget their best friend's birthday?

  • Most likely to eat something off the ground?

  • Most likely to break a world record?

  • Most likely to go on Love Island?

  • Most likely to become a millionaire

  • Most likely to shoplift?

  • Most likely to spend all their money on something stupid?

  • Most likely to get a terrible tattoo?

  • Most likely to have a threesome?

  • Most likely to have a wardrobe malfunction?

  • Most likely to marry a celebrity?

  • Most likely to become a CEO?

  • Most likely to have an affair?

  • Most likely to end up on Broadway

  • Most likely to join a cult?

  • Most likely to write a bestseller?

  • Most likely to commit a crime?

  • Most likely to become prime minister?

  • Most likely to sleep with their ex?

  • Most likely to give their kid an unusual (terrible) name?

  • Most likely to pull a sickie?

  • Most likely to get caught having sex in public?

  • Most likely to get lost in their own hometown?

  • Most likely to become an influencer?

  • Most likely to marry someone they just met?

  • Most likely to sleep with a friend's family member?

  • Most likely to go a week without a shower?

  • Most likely to fake their own death?

  • Most likely to still own a Nokia 3310?

  • Most likely to accidentally poison someone with terrible cooking?

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