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In Roman Baths

Amaze your guests by tying the knot in The Roman Baths and Pump Room, which comes with flickering torch light, steaming waters and 2,000 year old paving. Based in Bath, you can get married here outside of opening hours and have a wedding breakfast in the elegant Georgian pump room. Ceremony and reception from £1,750 (maximum capacity of 80 guests). [Photo: Lee Niel]

30 Alternative British Wedding Venues That Won’t Break The Bank

Finding a decent wedding venue can be a tricksy beast. If it’s not too expensive, it’s too small. And if it’s the right size, it’s unoriginal and just a bit…meh. 

Thankfully, there are some quirky places around the UK where you can get married without breaking the bank. From a giant greenhouse to Roman baths, here’s our pick of the best alternative and affordable British wedding venues.