The 3-Ingredient Frozen Dessert You’ll Be Making All Summer Long

You can make a batch in just five minutes.

<p>Getty Images, Adobe Stock</p>

Getty Images, Adobe Stock

When you want something quick and simple, three-ingredient recipes are the way to go. Whether it's Jennifer Garner's no-cook pizza sauce, Kevin Bacon's super simple banana pancakes, or my favorite creamy fall dip, an uncomplicated yet delicious dish is one we'll never turn down.

With summer around the corner, we're looking for cold treats that are both refreshing and effortless. Sorbet made with just fruit, honey, and lime? Bring it on. Cheesecake with no baking or chilling needed? We're all over that. And when Ina creates a three-ingredient summer dessert with store-bought ice cream, our ears perk up immediately.

We recently discovered another summer-worthy snack that hits all the right notes: It's made with three easy-to-find ingredients, doesn't require any baking, and you can customize it any way you want.

How to Make 3-Ingredient Frozen Graham Cracker Treats

Instagram user @mealsandmunchies_ shares plenty of easy meal and snack ideas, but a recent frozen dessert stood out as one we can all quickly prep and enjoy in the coming warm weather. Here's how easy it is to make:

  1. Take two graham cracker squares and cover one with Cool Whip or a similar whipped topping.

  2. Spread some peanut butter on the other cracker.

  3. Put them together, sandwich style. Freeze.

That's it. You can make a whole batch in about 5 minutes, then pop them one by one out of the freezer when you crave a sweet frozen treat to cool you down in the warm weather.

Ways to Customize Frozen Graham Cracker Treats

The best part of these frozen graham cracker sandwiches is how easy they are to customize. “I loveeee these! I sometimes do PB on both graham crackers because you can never have too much peanut butter,” wrote @mealsandmunchies_ in the caption.

Fans chimed in with even more ideas in the comments. “Try it with the marshmallow cream,” suggested one user, presumably in place of the Cool Whip. “Do you like Nutella? I bet it would be yummy with that as well,” mentioned another as a substitution for the peanut butter. Another swap? Almond butter.

Our favorite of these recommendations takes these treats over the top: “Dip them in some chocolate.” Yes, that makes these a four-ingredient treat, but we think it’s worth the extra step. 

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