29-year-old model shows off heart transplant scars on Instagram

Bec Craven <i>(Photo via Instagram/beccraven)</i>
Bec Craven (Photo via Instagram/beccraven)

At 24, Bec Craven was embarking on the trip of a lifetime when she boarded a plane to Bali –but she didn’t expect the trip to change her life forever.

After enjoying several days in the sun and sand, she returned home not feeling like herself. After numerous visits to the doctor, it was determined she had contracted a virus that resulted in cardiomyopathy: a heart disease which required a transplant.

Two years ago, Craven had the operation. Recently, the now 29-year-old took to Instagram to share side-by-side image of her scars.

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“Taking time out today to reflect on the last two years of having a heart transplant. The photo on the left is a picture I uploaded on my Instagram five weeks after receiving a new heart and the one on right was only a few weeks ago. Where have those two years gone! Having a transplant has not just been a blessing but an eye opening experience,” she wrote.

Speaking about the pressures society places on women to have perfect bodies, Craven felt it was important to share her own story.

“The pressures of our society can be pretty crazy and hard to deal with. Scars were always something that you felt like you had to hide but GUESS WHAT it’s 2018 and scars are not only labelled beautiful, special, unique but are powerful and storytelling,” she wrote.

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While her journey to a transplant wasn’t exactly smooth — including three bouts of pneumonia and a heart functioning at just 23 per cent — Craven believes her experience only strengthened her.

“Show the world what your made of! There will always be those annoying people that comment nasty things but you will shine above that. You can wave to them from top,” she wrote.

The post resonated with Craven’s followers, who praised the model for breaking down common misconceptions and spreading a message of self love.

“I have liver transplant scars and other surgery scars too and I’m proud of them. They tell a story of who we are and how far we’ve come,” commented one follower.

“Five years post heart transplant in May. I love seeing people rocking their scars,” added another.

While Craven admits she hasn’t always loved her scars, she’s learning to embrace the marks on her body for the strength it represents.

“Love yourself… you are worth every penny and more.”

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