I Can Literally Smell The Entitlement Coming Off These 29 Awful Main Character Types From This Month

I Can Literally Smell The Entitlement Coming Off These 29 Awful Main Character Types From This Month

1.This entitled woman made a poor Walmart employee scan all her groceries for her in the self-checkout.

Person self-checking out at a store with a full cart of groceries, expressing frustration about no available cashier
u/surveygirl21 / Via reddit.com

2.This person put a massive screen on the back of their car, making it difficult for everyone driving behind them to see.

A giant screen on the back of someone's car
u/generaltoez / Via reddit.com

3.This person thought everyone should celebrate them all the time.

The image shows a screenshot of a Reddit post discussing the author's frustration with others not celebrating their sexual orientation
u/tamay-idk / Via reddit.com

4.This person thought people with a Bentley should just let their husband drive it.

Online post by an anonymous member asking to borrow someone's Bentley
u/LadderFinal4142 / Via reddit.com

5.This person used the train as their personal gym.

Person performing an acrobatic pose using handrails on a crowded train
u/SweetTumbleweed8430 / Via reddit.com

6.This horrible boss had no patience for their employee's STAGE-FOUR CANCER DIAGNOSIS, because everything is about them and the productivity of their company.

Request for a letter from an oncologist to confirm if the individual can return to work, with details on adjustments if necessary, and a meeting invitation for tomorrow at 2 pm
u/disneydoll96 / Via reddit.com

7.This man clearly didn't give a crap about his brother's graduation.

Conversational text messages discussing plans about attending a graduation ceremony and deciding not to attend due to weather and personal preferences
u/gimmedableach / Via reddit.com

8.This person literally expected someone else to finish their book for free without credit.

A screenshot of a social media post seeking volunteer US writers for completing a romance novel; mentions no payment
u/cryd123 / Via reddit.com

9.This step-sister clearly thought the world revolved around her and her kids.

A table with various toys and items including a Stitch plush, egg cartons, and children's products saying this is what OP's step-sister gets her kids for easter, then complains about having no money/asks for money
u/todaythruwaway / Via reddit.com

10.This awful person put their foot up on the armrest of the passenger seated in front of them on an airplane.

Person's foot in a white sock resting on an airplane seat divider
u/Top_Particular_741 / Via reddit.com

11.And this person kept standing in someone's extra space on an airplane.

Passenger standing in airplane aisle next to seated passengers' legs, perspective from sitting down
u/Magnummuskox / Via reddit.com

12.Seriously, what is wrong with people on planes?

Person's legs with jeans in an airplane seat, safety card in seatback pocket, and a brown boot on the right
u/5krunner / Via reddit.com

13.This person just took the shower curtain with them when they moved out because they clearly had no regard for their roommate.

Bathroom interior with a shower-tub combo, toilet, and small window — and no shower curtain
u/regular_john_ / Via reddit.com

14.This person didn't want to date anyone but wanted someone to just pay for things for her.

A screenshot of a snapchat message conversation asking for a sugar daddy
u/elvis_depressedly8 / Via reddit.com

15.It didn't occur to this mom that someone else in her family might like some cherries in their ice cream.

A half-eaten bowl of cherry ice cream with the cherries picked out
u/justhamiltonthing / Via reddit.com

16.This coworker thought they were entitled to their colleague's last piece of gum.

A note saying "Thanks for the last piece of gum" placed on a Trident gum pack, surrounded by office supplies
u/maidafossetta / Via reddit.com

17.This landlord expected everyone to adhere to their color preferences...just 'cause.

landlord asks person to change their yellow curtains
u/sandwich-guru / Via reddit.com

18.This D-bag parked like this in a handicap spot.

Blue pickup truck parked diagonally across two parking spots
u/Nataahan / Via reddit.com

19.And this A-hole parked like this.

car parked across 2 spots
u/CupOdd2934 / Via reddit.com

20.This person threatened all their neighbors with bad medical care because one of them had apparently called the tow company on their illegally parked car.

letter to community calling out whoever called the tow truck on them
u/Complex_Discipline50 / Via reddit.com

21.This entitled person thought their friend's sweet offer to give them some cake meant they were legally entitled to 1/4.

A cake with a fourth of it cut out saying friend took his "equal and fair" share
u/brnfckd / Via reddit.com

22.This teenager didn't think about anyone else who might've wanted some pizza.

Photo of a half-eaten pizza with middle cut out saying teenage son ate it
u/MrPWhitham / Via reddit.com

23.This person thought they deserved everything to be handed to them.

Post seeking carpentry apprenticeship, mentions 3 months’ experience and wage expectations. Commenters react with disbelief and humor
u/teannadeee / Via reddit.com

24.And this person thought they literally deserved a Rolex to be just handed to them.

someone asks for a rolex for free
u/SpicyBoognish / Via reddit.com

25.This entitled mother decided her mess wasn't hers to clean up.

A dirty rice cooker saying OP's mom got it dirty and said OP needs to clean it
u/LasagnaIsItalianCake / Via reddit.com

26.This truck driver just decided that if their gear broke someone's windshield, they didn't care.

Back of a truck with a sign reading "NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR BROKEN WINDSHIELDS."

27.These awful Airbnb tenants blocked in a neighbor.

View from a car's driver seat showing two parked cars ahead on a narrow street with a tree and clear sky
u/diddyd66 / Via reddit.com

28.This entitled bride thought a DJ should play their wedding for only $300.

lengthy plea for an affordable DJ for a wedding with a limited budget, expressing distress over high quotes and seeking help
u/navyscrewdriver / Via reddit.com

29.And finally, this entitled person wanted a free painter...and a friend?

User seeks long-term relationship with a painter to work on large Victorian home "probably" without "a check in the immediate future"
u/IsThisABurnerAcc / Via reddit.com