28 shoppable ideas from this light-filled Victorian home

victorian house tour living room
28 shoppable ideas from this fabulous London homeRachel Whiting

An abundance of green and botanical prints come alive in every part of this fabulous London home, in a way that feels contemporary and inviting rather than clichéd or overdone.

A healthy mix of high street and high-end is used in a fairly limited colour palette – whilst greens run the gamut from apple to emerald, the rest of the space is relatively restrained with a peppering of pink and a more generous use of white.

Here, we take a tour of the whole house and identify 28 shoppable high street finds within it.


victorian house tour shoppable ideas living rom
Photography: Rachel Whiting, Styling: Hannah Deacon, Direction: Sarah Keady

A Victorian home will almost always benefit from soaring ceilings, fabulous mouldings and wall panelling and lots of light in the front of the house (the back is usually a different story.) This has been exploited to its fullest here, with a fabulous cascading wall mural in the hallway that gives onto a bright and breezy living room.

A crisp apple green makes the perfect companion to fuchsia, warmer woods and the pale browns that naturally occur in jute and rattan. Indeed, if you are going to live with botanical influences so closely, it is best to offset with as much wood as you can get away with.


victorian house tour shoppable ideas home office
Photography: Rachel Whiting, Styling: Hannah Deacon, Direction: Sarah Keady

Greens are usually associated with balance, and act as the bridge between stimulating warm colours and calming cool colours which makes them a great choice in rooms that require calm and focus – namely a home office or bedroom.

Plants too have been shown to have a positive impact on concentration and feelings of wellbeing, so even the botanical art here will be serving a purpose.

We're really taken with the compact desk because it looks very mid-century, but is actually a very reasonable £399 from John Lewis & Partners.


victorian house tour get the look bedroom
Photography: Rachel Whiting, Styling: Hannah Deacon, Direction: Sarah Keady

This fabulous bedroom is a great lesson in resourcefulness. A DIY headboard has been fashioned from simple plywood, forming a shelf for bud vases and a celebration of colourful flowers.

Some subtle geometric patterns on the bedding and strict shape of the Gubi floor lamp offset a little of the organic display above – a clever trick that will always make a room look slightly more contemporary.


victorian house tour affordable ideas styling sideboard
Photography: Rachel Whiting, Styling: Hannah Deacon, Direction: Sarah Keady

Sideboard styling is a total art, executed brilliantly here. Designers and stylists will always expound the decorative benefits of using different heights – the artwork does the job of highlighting high ceilings, whilst candle holders and vases have been chosen and arranged in groups of alternating sizes.

This is a call too for not aligning your artwork perfectly; it is usually a lot more interesting to group pieces together in a bit of a mismatch of heights and placements.


victorian house tour shoppable ideas bathroom
Photography: Rachel Whiting, Styling: Hannah Deacon, Direction: Sarah Keady

Herein lies the downside of Victorian homes – the proportions of bathrooms and toilets are usually far too small, and natural light usually lacking. This sweet bathroom does actually enjoy a lot of sunlight, but the smaller proportions call for some compact decorative touches.

We love the fact that a little tiled splashback has been created despite there only being room for four of them – but what a great way to save some money.

In smaller bathrooms, a lot of your bits and pieces will naturally be on display if you don't have much storage, so choose some pretty ones like these Hammam towels and even a nice bar of soap.


victorian house tour shoppable styling ideas
Photography: Rachel Whiting, Styling: Hannah Deacon, Direction: Sarah Keady

The styling in this home is naturally dominated by plants and their containers – we've not spotted a single matching vase which is a nice detail. This ladder makes for a great alternative to wall-mounted shelving, and fills vertical space with colour and texture. The watering can is a nice touch too.

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