Will there be a 28 Days Haunted season 2 on Netflix?

If you're into truly chilling ghost stories, then you'll likely have been loving Netflix's reality series 28 Days Haunted. Hey, it is spooky season after all. But will there be a season two?

The six-parter is probably one of the most unsettling real-life horror shows aired on the platform, and viewers are of course gripped. Taking part in a paranormal experiment, three teams each spend 28 days in some of the US' most haunted locations. The project is based on a theory from famous paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren: essentially, they believed that it took 28 days of effort to 'pierce the veil' to the spirit world.

The first season was released last week on 21 October, already jumping up to the No.7 spot in Netflix's Top 10. Viewers are already keen to see more in a potential second series. So, here's what we know about 28 Days Haunted season two so far...

28 days haunted season 2

Will there be a 28 Days Haunted season 2?

Unfortunately, 28 Days Haunted hasn't been renewed for a second season just yet. However, it's only been out for a week, so there's still time for Netflix to make an announcement.

Given that the show is proving popular so far, there's a chance Netflix could opt to release more. We'll sit tight for news!

What might happen in 28 Days Haunted season 2?

Season one sees three teams spending time in haunted locations in different places across the US, with teams based in Connecticut, Colorado and North Carolina.

If a season two happens, it's likely we'll follow more teams in new American locations - of course in other notoriously haunted houses. To recap, here's a reminder of what went on in season one:

When might 28 Days Haunted season 2 be released?

We'll have to wait for season two confirmation before getting any news on a release date. However, given the show's subject matter, we'd expect any season two to drop around Halloween to coincide with spooky season.

Series one dropped on 21 October 2022 so, if there is a season two, we'd be expecting it to drop around October 2023. Here's hoping!

28 Days Haunted is streaming now on Netflix.

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