If You've Had About Enough Of Tipping Culture, These 26 Photos Will Infuriate You As Much As They Infuriate Me

IMHO, tipping culture has gotten out of CONTROL recently. I'm used to tipping 20% at restaurants and bars, etc., but lately, it's as if EVERYWHERE expects a tip.

someone saying, give me your money punk

I also cannot stand the *turns iPad around* "It's just gonna ask you a question..." thing that's normal now. It's so awkward. Can we not just say what it is??? A tip screen, for crying out loud!

person showing a tipping screen on their phone

Okay, sorry, rant over. But in case you're as fired up as I am on the topic, here are 26 photos that will make you seethe with rage.

1.This ELEVATOR is asking for a tip. It's a machine!!! Who does the money go to??? It says "staff members" in light print, but which ones?

sign in the elevator with a QR code to tip
u/jaysus94 / Via reddit.com

2.This landlord who asked for a tip on rent has got to be delusional.

  u/CrackHouse-CrackHome / Via reddit.com
u/CrackHouse-CrackHome / Via reddit.com

3.This passive-aggressive reminder to tip staff actually ends up making the business, not the customer, look like crap. Why are you saying this like it's our responsibility to pay your employees when YOU employ them? PAY THEM MORE. Even charge us more, I don't care! But don't pull this crap!!!

on the bottom of the receipt it says, remmeber your waiter doesn't have a salary thank you for visiting us
u/tyw7 / Via reddit.com

4.This coffee shop also didn't seem to realize this reflects horribly on them.

sign at the counter reads, barista wages start at $5.15 you are expected to tip thanks
u/DavidRandom / Via reddit.com

5.I feel like this HAS to be a joke. Who am I tipping??? The park??? The trees?

tipping QR code on a rail
u/yehdudeee / Via reddit.com

6.This person had the siding of their house replaced for $40K...and was asked to pay tips on their installments.

  u/spuldup / Via reddit.com
u/spuldup / Via reddit.com

7.Look, I want the kitchen staff to get their due, I really do. But if we're not already paying for that in the price of the food, what are we paying for??? Why don't YOU tip your kitchen staff, giant chain restaurant?

along with the bill, there's a post-card sized reminder that you can tip the kitchen as well
u/sylhy / Via reddit.com

8.Tip percentages are getting out of control, too. Who the heck is suggesting a 50% tip?

tablet with the tipping screen
u/d4wnn / Via reddit.com

9.Asking for a tip at a SELF-SERVICE CHECK-OUT is going too far. You're literally tipping your own service, but you don't get the money.

  u/_seaweed_ / Via reddit.com
u/_seaweed_ / Via reddit.com

10.What kind of hobbit nonsense is this second tip bullcrap???

receipt has space for a tip and then additional tip
u/AndyjHops / Via reddit.com

11.This is completely ridiculous. Who is tipping MORE than the cost of the service???

service was $15 and the tip suggestions are higher
u/Dodds-Furniture / Via reddit.com

12.This check suggested a 77% tip, because at this point, why not?

  u/inked_dragon / Via reddit.com
u/inked_dragon / Via reddit.com

13.There is no reason to have to tip on online purchases.

tipping screen at the end of a check out
u/Salt-Butterscotch-79 / Via reddit.com

14.And now they're adding TAX onto tips???

line item has a 6% tip tax
u/Lirsh2 / Via reddit.com

15.This place straight-up lied about what different tip percentages equal.

tip totals are wrong on a receipt
u/ImportantDelivery852 / Via reddit.com

16.This place charged a 20% "service fee" — and STILL expected a tip.

  u/Ikswohclipe / Via reddit.com
u/Ikswohclipe / Via reddit.com

17.This delivery app tried to encourage people to tip for faster service. This feels super sketchy, and I also HATE when you're expected to tip before the service occurs, because tipping is meant to be based on how good the service is.

  [deleted] / Via reddit.com
[deleted] / Via reddit.com

18.This new-hire sheet specifies that workers don't get tips — and this is the reason for my trust issues around tips, people!!! I want the person I'm tipping to actually get the tip.

  u/ChipWaffles / Via reddit.com
u/ChipWaffles / Via reddit.com

19.I feel like it's illegal, but I also feel like wayyy too many people get money shaved off their tips, too, and it pisses me off.

receipt showing 36 in tips but the server only got 27
u/Ximenaria12 / Via reddit.com

20.This platform literally called people out for not tipping.

it looks like you left 0 for the tip that must be an accident
u/Alexmackay1992 / Via reddit.com

21.And this site wouldn't even let you complete your transaction without tipping at least 10% — they also wouldn't let you tip a custom percentage or amount.

  [deleted] / Via reddit.com
[deleted] / Via reddit.com

22.This portable, public toilet with no attendant had a tip jar. TIPS FOR WHO?

  u/i_mouth_my_platypus / Via reddit.com
u/i_mouth_my_platypus / Via reddit.com

23.This delivery driver expected tips.

QR code to tip
u/Ok_Shelter6614 / Via reddit.com

24.As did this driver, who took the time to message the recipient through the Amazon app, which is supposed to be used when a driver has issues delivering an item.

  u/thenorb / Via reddit.com
u/thenorb / Via reddit.com

25.I am truly at a loss for words. Where the heck is this "tip" going? That little bunny rabbit?

swipe to tip
u/caseytatumsings / Via reddit.com

26.And finally, I still feel like there's gotta be a better system for writing out tips, because servers can do this.

  u/thetownslore / Via reddit.com
u/thetownslore / Via reddit.com

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