This 26-Year-Old Woman Dumped Her Boyfriend Mid-Trip After He Insulted Her Looks — Now, His Family Is Demanding She Pay For His Flight Home

This 26-Year-Old Woman Dumped Her Boyfriend Mid-Trip After He Insulted Her Looks — Now, His Family Is Demanding She Pay For His Flight Home

Y'all, this story by anonomonomoly is why I will never leave the internet. Apparently, a woman dumped her boyfriend mid-trip and canceled his flight home after he repeatedly insulted her looks. Now, he's stranded in another state and his family is demanding she pay for his flight home.

Here's the full story: "I (26F) need some perspective on a recent situation involving my boyfriend (30M) during a trip to Florida. Throughout the trip, he kept comparing me to other women.

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"Let's be honest: Women in Miami often look like they have just stepped off a magazine cover. Now, I don't wear a lot of makeup, and I'm comfortable with my natural look. I believe in embracing authenticity and loving myself as I am. However, my boyfriend seemed infatuated with these women who looked like models."

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"He couldn't stop mentioning how much better I’d look if I put in more effort like this girl right here or that girl over there, which made me feel inadequate and insecure. Hearing your boyfriend of three years say, 'You’d be more attractive if you looked like her,' doesn’t make a woman feel good at all."


"The tipping point came when we were at a restaurant, and he started telling me about how much better I'd look if I wore some more makeup and maybe showed a bit more skin. I decided to switch up the scenario and told him that if I'm expected to look better, then he needs to lose some weight and maybe work on getting ahead of his hereditary male pattern baldness, courtesy of his father."

"After this, he had a loud outburst, essentially berating me for not looking as attractive as the women around us. I was crushed. Here I was, trying to enjoy a vacation with someone I cared about, only to be publicly humiliated for not fitting some superficial standard of beauty."

"Feeling hurt, disrespected, and utterly fed up, I made the decision to cancel his flight and flew back to California alone. I refuse to be with someone who values superficial appearances over genuine connection and respect."

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Y'all, this man has some serious audacity. How are you insulting someone who is paying for you to get home? "Hence, the phrase 'never bite the hand that feeds you,'" user FitRegion5236 agreed.

He better hope the ladies of Miami will help!

"Maybe a modelesque girl in Miami with lots of makeup on can pay for his hotel and flight. Also, tell him good luck," user sffood wrote.

"If he knew he'd be stranded without her paying his way, then he should have been a hella lot more respectful," user Patchalakin agreed.

"Part of me recognizes that she just left the guy stranded and possibly doesn't have a way out, but if he was saying all that shit to me when I paid for everything he's enjoying, he can find one of those Miami girls to help him get back."

This relationship has clearly been doomed for a while.

"I have a feeling the original poster's boyfriend has been sponging off her for the entire three years. Glad she dumped that lump. He doesn't get another cent. Never look back. He was just a mistake," user Fuzzy_Laugh_1117 wrote.

His family is also wild for pressuring his girlfriend to fly him home AFTER his behavior.

"My rule is always that anyone who says I should do something for someone because they're family, a poor person, etc., is welcome to do it their damn selves," user UnstuckCancuck agreed.

What are your thoughts on this situation? Is the woman in the wrong for leaving her boyfriend stranded? Let us know in the comments below.