25+ quick ways to organise your bathroom

Genius bathroom storage ideas

<p>Pixel-shot / Alamy Stock Photo</p>

Pixel-shot / Alamy Stock Photo

Whatever the space you have, make the most of your bathroom with these storage solutions that will satisfy large open areas or maximise even the smallest of powder rooms.

Practical and stylish, these genius ideas will provide a place for just about everything an organised bathroom could ever need. You'll never look at a toothbrush in the same way again! Read on to see what's possible...

Use a lazy Susan for your products

<p>Umbra / Press Loft</p>

Umbra / Press Loft

Perfect for space saving on your skincare collection, use a lazy Susan (this one is from Umbra) to stack your products and easily reach them with just a gentle spin. For even more storage, you can pick up multi-tiered versions online in a variety of colours and finishes to complement your bathroom.

Be creative with toilet roll

<p>Pixel-shot / Alamy Stock Photo</p>

Pixel-shot / Alamy Stock Photo

If you don't mind toilet paper rolls out on show and like to keep them close to hand, how about getting creative with storage to make things interesting?

Hang a rope (try painting it a quarter of the way up to add a splash of colour) from a shelf, then suspend the rolls from it and tie a knot in the end. Once you hit the painted part of the rope, you know it's time to restock!

Group baskets together

<p>brizmaker / Shutterstock</p>

brizmaker / Shutterstock

Storing products in baskets is not only an easy way to reach items quickly, while keeping them hidden, it's also a great way of adding texture and personality to a simple bathroom. Fill them up with freshly rolled towels, toilet paper rolls and toiletries, or use larger ones as a stylish laundry bin.

Placed casually on the floor or slotted onto shelves, they can be moved about easily and you can always group them together in different sizes, with some used to display a houseplant or two.

Get crafty with Mason jars

<p>Michael Fusaro / Alamy Stock Photo</p>

Michael Fusaro / Alamy Stock Photo

Wave farewell to the days of rogue cotton buds and loose cotton wool pads with an organised system that’s both functional and stylish. Modified Mason jars are perfect for storing such items and will add a touch of rustic charm to your bathroom.

Create secret in-bath storage



You'll have to call in the experts for this one, but if you have a fitted bath it’s well worth checking if there’s any unused space inside, behind the bath panel.

Sliding panels can make a huge difference, allowing you to slot away your non-aesthetically pleasing cleaning products. Just like magic, they’re gone!

Mount a bathroom rail

<p>topperspix / Shutterstock</p>

topperspix / Shutterstock

The area above the bathtub is often neglected, so why not use the space with a mounted bathroom rail? Ideal for hanging a towel or two, you can mount them horizontally or vertically to fit in with tricky or small spaces.

Play around with the materials for the rail, metal is used here, but you can just as easily have a wooden one. although if you opt for wood, make sure you treat it so it's not damaged by humidity or water.

Free up surface space

<p>Om.Nom.Nom / Shutterstock</p>

Om.Nom.Nom / Shutterstock

Clever gadgets that stick to bathroom walls make for a cleaner and more organised bathroom. Not only will they free up surfaces, but you'll keep your sides clear free from soap scum build-ups.

These handy suction silicone tiles serve various purposes, keeping accessories like toothbrushes, razors and tweezers neatly stored and easy to find.

Get arty with hooks

<p>Techa Tungateja / Alamy Stock Photo</p>

Techa Tungateja / Alamy Stock Photo

Maximise bathroom storage space by using the walls to attach no-drill hooks that won't damage tiles. These colourful hangers look fun and funky, especially when placed in groups of varying sizes, and can be fastened using the self-adhesive backing or screwed into the wall.

Hang lighter items like face cloths and sponges on the smaller hooks, while bathrobes and towels can be hung on the larger, stronger hooks.

Add recess shelving

<p>Avalon.red / Alamy Stock Photo</p>

Avalon.red / Alamy Stock Photo

Unlock hidden storage space by building recess shelving into stud walls. A stud (or partition) wall is an interior wall that has no hard core in-between the outer panels, making it a perfect surface for cut-out shelving that can be used for storage or display.

Seasoned DIYers can find many tutorials online for this project or, if you prefer, it can be a relatively straightforward job for a hired contractor, with the finished effect looking practical, streamlined and professional.

Pop up a peg rail

<p>R2 Bathrooms / Press Loft</p>

R2 Bathrooms / Press Loft

Not all bathrooms have to be ultra-modern. A peg rail will add instant country charm to your bathroom and, of course, all of those pegs offer plenty of storage to hang up bathroom accessories.

We love how pretty this white-washed wood version from R2 Bathrooms looks with its decorative hangings and having it mounted just above the tub is a practical use of space.

Use a cabinet top as a shelf

<p>Mark Bolton Photography / Alamy Stock Photo</p>

Mark Bolton Photography / Alamy Stock Photo

In even the smallest bathroom, there are options for creatively storing your stuff. Look to utilise negative space – those tricky areas in between, beneath or on top of cabinets, for example.

And you can be creative too. Add some stylish stackable storage boxes, a basket of towels or accessorise with some plants to add a splash of greenery to the space.

Utilise the shower cubicle

<p>APN Photography / Shutterstock</p>

APN Photography / Shutterstock

Make full use of your shower cubicle by hanging an adjustable caddy over the shower head or enclosure. Not only will it keep the floor clear, it will help prevent accidents as there is no longer the need to bend down to pick up the shampoo.

Invest in a stainless steel version to ensure it doesn't rust and remember to clean the tiles behind it regularly to keep it looking its best.

Roll in a bathroom trolley

<p>Carolyn Heslop</p>

Carolyn Heslop

If you own a bar cart that gets little use, or you fancy repurposing one you've discovered at a flea market, give it a new lease of life in your bathroom and stock it up with towels, toiletries, candles and diffusers.

This design from IKEA, with its pop of bright green, will add a touch of energy to any scheme, but you can just as easily opt for a neutral colour or more ornate design to suit your space.

Choose wire storage

<p>Jason Finn / Alamy Stock Photo</p>

Jason Finn / Alamy Stock Photo

Storage doesn't have to be expensive. Budget-friendly wire storage makes finding essentials easy, as you can see through to the item you want and it's an easy way to add modern, industrial style to your bathroom.

Keep any items that can be stored free from its less attractive plastic packaging, or why not use it to house neatly rolled face cloths ready to use?

Roll your bathroom towels

<p>New Africa / Shutterstock</p>

New Africa / Shutterstock

You may have heard this trick about packing, but we’ll bet it slipped your mind when thinking about your towel storage! Rolling towels – much like clothes in a drawer or suitcase – helps you fit more into a smaller space, plus it helps give your home a luxurious spa-like feel.

Just remember to dry your towels thoroughly between uses before rolling, to prevent any nasty mould or bacteria building up.

Add a handy bath rack

<p>Andreas von Einsiedel / Alamy Stock Photo</p>

Andreas von Einsiedel / Alamy Stock Photo

Adding a removable rack over the bath can create valuable storage in your bathroom without taking up any extra floor space. Whether you choose a wood, plastic or metal design, there are lots of variations, and some even come with a book stand and a holder for a cup of tea! Perfect for a luxurious soak in the tub.

Choose multipurpose furniture

<p>Pixel-shot / Alamy Stock Photo</p>

Pixel-shot / Alamy Stock Photo

Fed up with dirty towels left on the bathroom floor and a lack of storage for your lotions and potions? These on-trend ladder shelves are a modern twist on a conventional version as the shelves are ideal for toiletries and towels and can be moved around as you need them.

Hang a mirror above one to make a beauty station as seen here or simply use them for slimline storage. Keep them simple in wood or white, or you could paint them to reflect your bathroom's colour scheme.

Create your own beauty station

<p>Marina_vert / Shutterstock</p>

Marina_vert / Shutterstock

Channel your local beauty or nail salon and repurpose a craft trolley to create an organised and easy-to-reach storage solution for your make-up, manicure and nail art tools.

It's a fun idea and keeps make-up and nail polishes neat, tidy and easy to see at a glance. There’s also plenty of space to fit other lotions and potions in the other compartments, too.

Keep medicines safe

<p>Art Directors & TRIP / Alamy Stock Photo</p>

Art Directors & TRIP / Alamy Stock Photo

Pills and medicines must be safely stored, especially if there are children around the house. In the bathroom, they also need to be kept dry, organised and accessible.

A clear system with translucent storage makes over-the-counter drugs easily identifiable, while a lockable box keeps stronger prescription items secure and double safe.

Keep surface storage to a minimum

<p>on_france / Shutterstock</p>

on_france / Shutterstock

Thin, floating glass shelves are easy to install and won't obstruct the light. Complement them with glass accessories to create a reflective and shimmery look – after all, storage and style don't have to be mutually exclusive.

Tuck in toilet roll storage

<p>SViktoria / Shutterstock</p>

SViktoria / Shutterstock

Fed up of toilet rolls falling out of that overflowing cupboard every time you open the door? Keep them hidden, but close at hand, with stylish storage that fits neatly next to the toilet. This wooden slimline caddy will slot into a narrow space, while the top doubles up as a small shelf.

Organise towels overhead

<p>Fiona Eyres</p>

Fiona Eyres

Don’t have enough cupboard space for towels? Elevate your ideas. This resourceful hack utilises an otherwise wasted space  simply fix a small shelf up over the door, or near the ceiling, and you have the perfect place for keeping clean towels.

You can even upcycle the shelf using pallet wood like this one, just remember to treat it to protect it from any humidity.

Conceal secret mirror storage

<p>VonHaus / Press Loft</p>

VonHaus / Press Loft

When closed, this unit from VonHaus looks like a full-length mirror, however, it opens up to reveal an array of clever shelving solutions. Almost flat to the wall, it's a great way to store make-up and accessories if space is at a premium in your bathroom. There's even hanging space for necklaces or taller items inset into the door.

Hang cleaning products under the sink

<p>New Africa / Shutterstock</p>

New Africa / Shutterstock

Your bathroom sink may well harbour some unused storage potential in the void underneath, where you can install an adjustable tension pole to hook bottles from.

This offers an extra (and inexpensive) tier of storage for sprays and bottles to clear up the mess of the bathroom, without compromising on valuable shelf or counter space. Just be sure to secure the doors if you have children or pets.

Install over-the-toilet storage

<p>Jason Finn / Shutterstock</p>

Jason Finn / Shutterstock

Even the area above your porcelain throne isn’t safe from storage solutions. This smart white unit utilises vertical rather than horizontal space, so you don’t have to worry about the room feeling cramped. What else were you going to use that wall space for?

Repurpose a cutlery drainer

<p>Pixel-Shot / Shutterstock</p>

Pixel-Shot / Shutterstock

Toothbrushes can clutter up shelves and sinks, so a sectional unit can be the ideal solution to help you get organised. Cutlery drainers often come with dividers, so why not pick one up for cheap and use it to tidy up your brushes?

You can designate each section for a different member of the family or household.

Convert a shoe organiser

<p>The Crazy Creator</p>

The Crazy Creator

Take a leaf out of The Crazy Creator's book and try this storage hack in your bathroom. The compartments in low-cost fabric shoe organisers are the perfect size to store toiletries.

Hang one behind the door using over-door hooks and, hey presto, you have at least 12 new cubby compartments for hairbrushes, shampoo bottles, styling tools and anything else you need tucked away.