21 Excruciatingly Entitled People Whose Outright Selfishness Will Make You Feel Sick To Your Stomach

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most entitled thing someone has ever said or done to them. Unsurprisingly, people sent us all sorts of wild, infuriating stories. Here's what they shared:

1."My neighbor decided she no longer wanted to share our legally shared driveway (it says so in the deed), so she first put a chain across it. When that didn’t work, she started trying to have me arrested for cutting her nonexistent wisteria, then filed a police report saying I threatened her (with legal action)! When that did not work, she had someone come with heavy machinery and drop three large, knee-high boulders!"


2."I was walking my dog in a richer area of my neighborhood. A woman was in her garden, and when I walked by, she saw that I had poop bags and asked if I could pick up a bunch of dog poop on her lawn."


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3."I once had a colleague who actually full-on admitted she cried on her birthday because her daddy got her a BRAND NEW Mercedes. She cried because he got her a silver one, and she wanted black."


4."My new boss was driving us to a meeting across town, and we had to stop for gas. We pulled up to the pump, and she stared at me, motioned for me to pump the gas, and threw her debit card out the window onto the ground for me to pay. While the tank was filling, she tapped on the glass and pointed to the windshield and the window squeegee to clean her windows. We went through a drive-thru for lunch, and she actually handed them the trash from her car and told them to get rid of it. So, yeah. This blonde, middle-aged cheerleader type thought everyone was her servant."


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5."After my mom was diagnosed with stage-three colon cancer, I told my (now) ex-best friend that I needed a little space. She didn't show me any support. She wouldn't stop complaining and talking poorly about a girl we were mutual friends with behind her back while publicly posting about how this girl was her 'best friend.' And when I didn't react appropriately, she thought it was a great idea to blast about my mom's cancer on Twitter and say it was no reason for me to 'be a bitch to her.' She did all this despite me telling her I had nothing against her and that I was in a bad spot. This turned into a fight, and her boyfriend ended up threatening me and my job. I went to the police, and they told me to delete my social media. I've cut ties. She has tried messaging me and apologizing. Recently, she tried following me on Instagram despite me telling her REPEATEDLY to stay away."


6."I was particularly irritated with someone this morning on an electric scooter who almost ran over someone else's dog (I've had this almost happen with my dog, too) and then proceeded to ride the scooter INTO the grocery store on my block."


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7."I'm an adult who cannot work (doctor's orders). I have a sibling who has shared custody of a toddler. This sibling demanded that I watch their toddler for free while they worked 12-hour shifts. They'd pick their child up from my place and proceed to insult me by calling me lazy, an attention seeker, and selfish. I always cared for the kiddo to the best of my ability, but it was a tremendous struggle. I tried telling them multiple times that I couldn't do it anymore and that both my doctor and therapist agreed with me. My sibling repeatedly told me that I was faking my, at the time, undiagnosed medical condition. They didn't stop forcing me to watch their toddler until I had my fateful MRI, and our mother finally took my side. I understand how difficult it is to find childcare in our area that will accommodate their schedule, but they've lost my sympathy."


8."I worked as a labor and delivery nurse for 20 years and witnessed any number of entitled patients. One of the most memorable was a couple who insisted, from the time of admission, that they should receive special treatment because one of their fathers was a physician and the other was a hospital administrator in some other state. Needless to say, they received the same excellent care as any other family. When this couple was ushered into their postdelivery room, the new mother exclaimed, 'We can't possibly stay in THIS room. It's not big enough to entertain in!' After I scraped my jaw off the floor, I explained that the grand ballroom was already occupied, so they would have to stay in a room the same size as every other patient's."


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9."I dated a girl who demanded that I fly from LAX to New York 'this instant' to pick up her car from the shop because she was 'too pretty and famous' to go to a 'dirty mechanic shop.' She was a D-list celeb at best, and the shop was a damn Maserati dealership. When I told her it would take me four hours to finish work and six or seven to get a plane ride there, she said, 'Uggggghhhhh. Use my dad's plane. I don't care. Rent a plane. Just fix it! I want my car for school tomorrow!' I called the dealership and asked if they could deliver the car. They could. She nearly flipped out because I solved the problem from Cali. What kind of jerk am I?"


10."My mother tried to derail my wedding plans and run the show when she 1) was not contributing financially in any way, 2) was pushing archaic traditions that she did not follow, and 3) had three failed marriages. She had her chance."


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11."I worked in a public high school during a professional transition for about 18 months. I have stories…sweet lord, so many. My absolute favorite entitled person was the woman who came from a nearby school district to watch her kid (maybe grandkid?) play a sport, then called on my school resource officer to arrest me when I tried to charge her for a ticket to watch the game. Long story short, she paid. Teachers/school staff are not paid enough to deal with the general public. I am SERIOUS."


12."I once bought a designer purse and a matching keychain as a birthday gift for my 8-year-old niece. She refused to wear it because she said it wasn't high-end enough and she preferred a different brand…"


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13."When I was 12 (grade 6), my class went to the musical A Christmas Carol. Many other schools were there, so there was the longest line to use the restroom during intermission. My friends and I were in the front of the line right in front of the stairs, and this random old teacher from another school shoved us, a couple of 12-year-old girls, out of her way for her 50 students and didn't even say 'Excuse me' or 'Sorry.'"


14."We had to wait in line while on vacation for a table at an outside venue, and when we received our table, a group of three, whom we didn't know, asked if we would mind if they joined us at our table. I politely told them that yes, I minded, and they should go stand in line like everyone else and wait for a table. They left unhappy."


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15."I was interested in a nanny position and was chatting via email with the family's then-nanny, who was assisting in finding her replacement. This signifies love between families and nannies within the nanny industry. We made plans to meet for coffee, not knowing what each other looked like. Day of the interview, I chose a business-casual style with minimal makeup. As I sat and waited for her arrival, I sipped coffee and read a book, keeping my eye on the door. The second I saw the woman, I knew it must be her, and I wanted to run."

"She appeared cold, smug, overly conceited, and full of herself. Before she sat down, I started losing interest in the position while my coffee was still hot. Immediately beginning the conversation, she proved that she was all these things and wasn't friendly by any means. She started telling me about the family and the job, not really asking me any questions about my background and/or experience, which was fine because I wasn't listening to her. She rambled on, and I tuned her out. If someone had told me I was interviewing for a nanny position, I wouldn't have believed them because of her overall attitude.

I faked interest during the remainder of the interview. Ultimately, she asked me if she could give me some advice. I'm open to improving myself with positive feedback, so I gave her the OK. She picked me apart, telling me that if I wanted to be taken seriously by hiring families and nanny placement agencies, I needed to change my overall look, including hairstyle, clothing, makeup, shoes, and résumé. She pulled out a red pen and made several corrections. 'If you do all these things, you will look better than you do now and may get hired. After all, I know because I've only gone through the best agencies.' She flipped her hair and name-dropped the agency, which was located in our small Midwest, Big Ten college town. The interview was over. With my head held high, I left, wondering why she was leaving her current position."


16."I work at a property management company in the same plaza as a UPS Store. Some UPS Stores offer notary services, but this one did not have a notary available one day. A distraught mid-60s-year-old man came to my office to demand notary service. I told him that we manage rental units and have no notary services, nor have we ever offered one, and I told him about another place that might help. Apparently, the 15-minute drive would be too much, and he demanded that I notarize his document. His time that day was much more important than mine. I had to spend my time explaining to a full-grown adult man that he couldn't just throw a hissy fit and get his way, that he was in the wrong place, and that even if I wanted to help him (which I did NOT), there was no way for me to do so. After he wasted more time than it would have taken to drive to the correct location, he finally left in a huff and mumbled about our terrible customer service."


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17."We were best friends for over a year. Both of us had difficult living situations and often helped each other through trying times. She struggled to get through the holiday season each year, so I offered her all the attention and affection I could while the season was in swing. The hardest time of year for me is in February. I only asked her for some extra care and a little space to feel my feelings, as I ask of all my friends and family every year."

"She continued to put weight on me, including crying on the phone with me without asking if it would worsen my feelings first, later admitting that she didn't think about it because she specifically wanted to gain comfort from me. She then accused me of abandoning her when I needed to take extra space for my own health. When I pointed out these behaviors to her, especially juxtaposed with how I cared for her when she needed it, she refused to take accountability. She blew up our circle of friends, turning many of them against me, more than happy to center herself in the middle of my grieving process. Her narrative was that I neglected her...during a period when I'd specifically asked for her support.

"After I offered her my care and time for most of the year, she decided that she was entitled to all of it and destroyed our friendship when she didn't receive it. If grief and loss have taught me anything, it's that we only have so much time, and all of it is precious. It's ours to give freely, not for others to expect or demand."


18."I submitted a Facebook Marketplace ad for a free wall mirror. One woman responded that it wasn't worth her time unless I threw in several other things for free."


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19."When my daughter was 12, she was asked to work the cash box at the gym entrance (for games). She enjoyed it, but an older woman quickly walked past the table one night. My daughter got up and went after the woman, telling her she needed to pay to enter. The older woman was hateful about it but did pay. The woman also complained to the school principal, saying my daughter was horribly rude and embarrassed her. The principal said, 'She wasn't rude. She stated a fact: You had to pay to get in. You ignored her on purpose and then got upset when she called you out on your childish behavior. If you come to another game, I suggest you pay when you get here, or if there are any more complaints, you will be banned.'"

"I guess the woman was upset because she felt that at her 'age,' she shouldn't have to pay to get into a game. My daughter did ask if she was in trouble. Her principal told her absolutely not!"


20."About 15 years ago, my mother developed cancer for the second time. My stepfather had Celiac disease, which ultimately led to him having to use a walker. Helping my mother with cancer care was beyond what he could physically handle. My sister (and her family) insisted that my parents move in with them. That meant moving from one state to another. She insisted they take over the downstairs bedroom suite in a 5,000 sq. ft. house rather than pay to have the apartment above their barn refitted with a stair lift. My parents spent over $25k on improvements to my sister's house. When my stepfather died just about three years ago, my sister (who had already begun to freeze out our mom) waited less than six months before she began to tell our mother she had to leave the house. My mom moved closer to me (yay!). My sister never paid our mother back. My sister had her entire medical education and housing given to her by our parents! And my mom looked after her grandkids, too!"


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21."One time, when I was 8 years old, my mom's hair salon gave me permission to sell Girl Scout cookies outside the salon. They suggested putting the table at an angle where many people would see it, and it happened to be maybe an inch at the most on the property of this dog toy store next door. The woman who worked at the store came out and snapped at me (an 8-year-old child at the time), saying that she did not give me permission to do this and to move the table off her property. At most, one leg of the table was on her property — I was mostly outside the salon."

"We did what she told us to, and later, one of the salon workers asked me and my mom, who was outside with me, why we moved the table. We told her what happened, and the worker responded, 'Oh, they have their dog shows all over our property all the time, and we never say anything.' So this woman had no problem letting dogs on someone else's property, but it was the end of the world when an 8-year-old girl put an inch of a table leg on her property. Wow."


What in the world is wrong with people?! What happened to basic decency? I'm exhausted. Have you ever had a run-in with an entitled stranger or loved one? What happened? Tell us in the comments or submit anonymously using this form!

Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.