Camel sits on car bonnet at safari park leaving a massive dent

Paul Carmichael
·2-min read

A family were left with a massive dent in the front of their car after a 75st CAMEL at a safari park sat on the bonnet.

Annie Andrews, 40, and her partner took their kids to Knowsley Safari Park to celebrate youngest son Callum's first birthday.

They decided to avoid the monkey enclosure at the drive-thru open park for fear the cheeky animals would destroy their Vauxhall Insignia.

But they were shocked when their vehicle came under threat from a pair of two-humped Bactrian camels having a row.

Unable to reverse due to a car behind, the family, including partner Vinnie Hewitt, 39, and eldest son Harry, seven, screamed as one of the 7ft Mongolian creatures was shoved towards them.

The huge creature ended up sat on the front of the car leaving £600 worth of damage, including a huge dent, scratches and a broken headlight.

Annie, a mum of two from Oldham, Greater Manchester said: "When we reached the camels we saw they were fighting. They came right into the road.

"A car pulled up behind us so we couldn't move.

"I thought we'd wait for the camels to move on.

"I got the camera out thinking 'this will be a good memory for the kids'. But these camels got closer and closer and closer.

"We put the car into reverse, so the lights would come on, but the guy behind us didn't see.

"They got closer and closer and then the next minute - crunch.

"And there is a camel on the front of the car.

"I was thinking 'oh my god, we've got to get out', but of course you aren't allowed out of your car.

"Nobody was answering the ranger's phone when we called for assistance. We just had to say 'we're just going to have to wait and drive out'.

"Thankfully the camel got up and walked away as if nothing had happened."

They finished the route and pulled into the car park to survey the damage.

"I phoned my dad and said 'a camel has just fallen on to my car'. He thought I was joking.

"The bonnet was completely dented. It broke a headlight. There were scratched across the bonnet."

The mishap happened in January. The family were unable to get it fixed due to Covid rules so repaired it best they could themselves, and sold the car this month (Oct).