A plane en route to Heathrow struck by three bolts of lightning

Story and video from SWNS

This is the remarkable moment a plane en route to Heathrow was struck with three bolts of lightning.

Footage shows the aircraft over central London in stormy weather at the weekend.

Seconds later three huge bolts of lightning strike, appearing to hit the plane from all directions.

An eyewitness, who saw the moment from their seventh floor flat in London, said: "What a moment to get the camera out.

"When I watched it back I thought 'Oh my God it's hit the plane. Flipping heck'.

"It was such a large bolt it looks like it hit the floor. I just hope no one was hurt.

"It looked like it just missed St James' Church across in Bermondsey.

"The video was taken on Saturday (June 6)."