Why you shouldn't go barefoot at home

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Warm floor - the concept of floor heating and wooden panels.
Warm floor - the concept of floor heating and wooden panels.

If you're spending a lot of time indoors during the coronavirus lockdown, chances are you aren't wearing shoes as often as you use to.

Health experts recommend wearing slippers at home, as going barefoot could cause health issues.

Wearing nothing on your feet for extended periods of time, coupled with any foot issues you have and the stress the ground puts on the foot, can create a "potentially damaging situation", explains Dr Rock CJay Positano and Dr Rock G. Positano, co-directors of a non-surgical foot and ankle service in New York.

"In addition, the connection between proper foot support and architecture has a direct influence on biomechanical functioning of the knee, hip, and lower back," they told Popsugar.

"Quite often, we will hear a patient say that when they are barefoot, they experience knee and lower back pain."

The add that as long as they aren't thong-style sandals, wearing slippers in the house is a good idea because "at worst, they serve as both a protective barrier and shock absorber for your feet, and at best, they do both plus promote foot function and stability".