Thai Airways cabin crew wrestle Chinese passenger into her seat after she 'deliberately coughed at them'

This is the moment a Chinese passenger was wrestled into her seat by a plane's cabin crew after she allegedly coughed on them.

Cabin crew in face masks pile on top of the woman, pushing her down in to her seat as worried passengers flee from their seats.

The female passenger reportedly became angry after being told that the aircraft was being held for up to 10 hours for coronavirus checks after landing at the Shanghai Pudong Airport.

Shocked passengers said she became irritated after sitting still for several hours then demanded that the staff from the Thai Airways flight open the doors to let her out.

However, after being told she would have to wait, the airline's staff said the woman began swinging her arms and deliberately coughing at one of the female members of the crew.

The latest chaotic scenes come as Italy registered more cases of coronavirus than any country outside China, while its death toll has risen to 366.

After mass testing uncovered more than 7,300 infections, the country has followed China's lead and has now locked down around 16 million people – more than a quarter of its population – for nearly a month.

Weddings, museums, cinemas, shopping centres and restaurants have all been hit by new restrictions.

Markets in London plunged on Monday morning wiping billions off shares on the news of a spike in infections across Europe and, the outbreak of an oil price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia.

Governments across Europe have warned that they expect to see a rapid rise in the number of infections and deaths, as they take more draconian measures to halt the spread of Covid-19.

- Additional reporting from PA