Kensington Palace reacts to claims Kate Middleton got Botox

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton

Did Kate Middleton get Botox?

Despite a prominent British plastic surgeon claiming that she has, Kensington Palace called any claims that the Duchess of Cambridge has received the popular cosmetic treatment, often used to smooth out wrinkles, "categorically not true".

The back-and-forth started when Dr. Munir Somji took to Instagram to share alleged before-and-after images of Kate, writing that "our Kate loves a bit of baby Botox".

In a lengthy caption, the plastic surgeon implies that the duchess is a past client of his and dissects the mother of three's physical appearance in two side-by-side images.

"Patients come from far and wide to see me for this procedure. It truly is so simple," he captioned the post. "There is no excuse for doctors to leave patients with brows on the floor. Note the reduction of fine lines on the forehead. But also note the depression of the medial (middle part) brow but elevation of the lateral tail of the brow. The magic of baby Botox is that it does not leave you feeling so heavy and provides you with a subtle reduction of lines as well as a better eyebrow position. Now 90% of my patients have baby Botox and are happy even at 3-4 months post treatment."

In response to the post on the Dr. Medi Spa Instagram account, Kensington Palace released a statement to The New York Post calling the claims "categorically not true" and "in addition, The Royal Family never endorse commercial activity."

Page Six reached out directly to the clinic to see whether or not the Duchess of Cambridge, 37, is indeed one of its clients, but its marketing manager, Sammy Curry, wouldn't say either way, citing confidentiality.

"We wouldn't be able to disclose whether she is a client or not. We have non-disclosure agreements where we can't disclose our high-end clients," Curry said in a statement. "We absolutely can't comment at all that she has come to us."

"He thought it was a good comparison picture to use to show the effects of Botox and obviously baby Botox which he does himself," she added of Somji's decision to share the photos of Kate. "He just wanted to show the transformation that it can create and obviously how it can be used for subtle results and how it's really good for anti-ageing."