Why did a Millennial have a coat hanger tattooed on her back?

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A pro-choice millennial had a COAT HANGER tattooed on her back to protest cuts to reproductive rights. Robin Pereira chose to ink the household item, associated with dangerous backstreet abortions, between her shoulder blades with the words 'never again'.

The activist, 23, who has never had an abortion herself, said the tattoo represents all the women who lost their lives undergoing terminations without a doctor present.

Robin, from Washington, D.C. said: "This tattoo symbolises that we will never forget the women who died because they wanted autonomy over their bodies.

"This tattoo is a promise to myself that I will never let history turn its back on women."

Robin, who works as a housing co-ordinator at non-profit organisation the National Network to End Domestic Violence, had been planning on getting the tattoo since September 2018.

"When Trump was elected, it was an 'oh no, bad things will happen' moment. "I cried and cried."

She feared that Roe vs Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court ruling making abortion legal across America, would be overturned.

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