Husband with dementia able to reconnect with wife

A husband living with dementia who doesn't speak has finally been able to reconnect with his wife - using a combination of sights and sounds in a 'Music Memory Box'.

The 'Music Memory Box' is a kit which families fill with objects, photographs and music once significant in the lives of dementia sufferers.

The technology within the box then enables songs to be played by moving the objects into the centre of the space.

The combination of sound, a tangible object and photographs of the particular memory have seen incredible reactions from patients who otherwise struggle to communicate - including those living with dementia or similar conditions.

Husband with dementia able to reconnect with wife
Husband with dementia able to reconnect with wife

Mrs Garrity told the Daily Mail: "We have been able to connect again, it is wonderful.

"He doesn't usually communicate with me but when the music plays, he hums along and even holds out his hand to grab mine."

When the music box is triggered into action by placing a miniature palm tree figurine in the centre - an object which symbolises a certain memory - Mr Garrity can recall dancing with his wife in Ghana.

"We moved to Ghana the day after our wedding more than 50 years ago so the song is very emotive," Mrs Garrity added.

"It takes us back to when we got married, it feels like we are back in Ghana together."

"He doesn't make many facial expressions due to his condition but his memory is still there.

"He remembers the music from different points in our lives once the song starts to play.

"The technology is amazing."

Mrs Garrity also uses other objects in the box to play music from various other major events in their lives.

"We have a guitar as one of the models. This links to the song La Paloma by Andre Rieu which Garrity asked a guitarist to play to me in a restaurant.

"Steve knows it as soon as it comes on and instantly we are back having a meal together."