What a corker! Footballer hits herself in face with projectile during celebrations

The goalkeeper of Cardiff Met WFC was left red-faced, but thankfully had no black eye, after taking a champagne cork to the face during the trophy presentation of the Welsh Premier League.

Estelle Randall had vigorously shaken the bottle, and was ready to spray her jubilant team-mates following a 2-0 win over Briton Ferry, but unleashing the cork proved more of a challenge.

When it finally popped it appeared to take the goalie by surprise, spraying her in the face and sending her shooting backwards toppling backwards on to the ground as she lost her grasp on the bottle.

This left her team-mates in hysterics and one was even kind enough to pick up the bottle and pour the remaining liquid over the beleaguered Randall.

Cardiff Met branded it the "funniest trophy celebration you will ever see" in a tweet, adding: "No goalkeepers were harmed in the making of this video."

Thankfully, Randall suffered no injuries, though her pride may be slightly wounded after a number of social media posts and jokes were made at her expense.