You're drinking water and still dehydrated?

If you're suffering from dull skin, dark urine and headaches it could be that you're not drinking enough water, but if you are, then it could be a warning of a host of other health problems.

Conventional wisdom says we should drink around eight glasses of water a day but this might not be true. Drinking when you're thirsty is a sign that you are already dehydrated. Experts say that you should drink water throughout the day to avoid some of the symptoms associated with lack of hydration.

However, if you are getting enough water but are still suffering from frequent trips to the toilet, especially at night, or your skin is looking tired and aged, then it could be that you have an undiagnosed medical condition.

The number one concern could be diabetes which often creeps up on sufferers over a period of time. Of course if you are concerned then the advice is to see your GP.