The nifty trick to getting a big ASOS discount

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The ASOS home page
The ASOS home page

If you love ASOS's clothes, but balk at some of the prices, there's a clever trick that could net you a discount of up to a third.

The online retailer allows customers round the world to choose the currency in which they pay - and there's no requirement to choose the currency of the country you're in.

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ASOS sells many US brands, including Converse, Juicy Couture, Calvin Klein and Hollister, and these in particular tend to be much cheaper for US customers.

The difference is all the greater because, since the Brexit referendum, the pound hasn't fallen as far against the dollar as it has against the euro.

And what all this means for customers is that by choosing to make their payment in dollars rather than pounds, Brits can get their fashion for a lot less.

The Mail has found examples including an Abercrombie & Fitch dress, which costs £44 if bought on the UK website. Choose to make the transaction in dollars, though, and you'll be quoted just £30.40.

Meanwhile, Adidas Stan Smiths and Converse All stars can be bought for £15 less with the same trick, and there's a £13 saving on a Hollister hoodie. A white terry tank dress from Juicy Couture costs £150 on the UK site, but £104.99 if bought in dollars.

And because the British retailer offers free shipping and returns, you won't need to pay international postage fees.

"You can pay using various currencies. If you choose a currency from the list in the top right corner of the page, all our prices will be displayed in that currency," ASOS explains.

"When you come to pay for your order, you'll be charged in the currency you have selected. If your payment card is registered with a different currency to the one you're purchasing in, then your bank will convert the price using their exchange rate."

However, there's an exception in the form of gift vouchers, which need to be bought using pounds.

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