Freebie Friday: free advent calendar batteries & tickets

Cafe Rouge
Cafe Rouge

Black Friday is upon us, so it won't be long before we have blown the best part of our December salary, before the month has even started. Fortunately, you can still have fun, with a handful of fab freebies.

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Cafe Rouge giveaways
The users of have spotted that Cafe Rouge is running an 'Unwrap the Gift' promotion for anyone who has signed up for offers online. There are all sorts of things on offer from two breakfasts for the price of one, and discounted meals - which are very common prizes; to free brunches for two, free Christmas meals for four, and even a holiday to Paris. You don't need to buy anything to enter - just sign up and visit the website.

Free batteries
In many households it's a long-standing tradition to open fabulous gifts and then have to wait until the 27th to buy the batteries to make them work. This year, however, things will be different, because the users of have spotted that Halfords is offering free AA or AAA batteries through the O2 Priority app. If you are on O2 (including if you have a pay as you go sim only deal), you just need to search for the freebie and present it on your phone in store. The deal is meant to run until Christmas Eve, but it's worth going sooner rather than later to be sure your store still has plenty left.

Free Cadbury advent calendar
MagicFreebies has tracked down this deal - available though the Shopmium app - which is a cashback app. You just download the app, and buy the advert calendar, scan your receipt and upload it to the app, and they will put the cash back into your account. While you're there, you can also browse the cashback deals to see if there's any available on items you were planning to buy anyway.

Free bus tickets
Megabus is offering 20,000 free one-way tickets for travel between 6 January and 9 February next year. They will be released in tranches of 500 every day - for travel 60 days from the date of purchase - at random across most routes. They are likely to be snapped up quickly, so if there's a particular day you want to travel, it pays to check whether there are any freebies available on your route as early as possible. Unfortunately if you track one down, you will have to pay a booking fee of 50p - but it might not be too high a price to pay for a journey of a hundred miles or more.

Free supermarket deliveries
Paying for supermarket deliveries is everyone's least favourite part of online shopping. Tesco offers Anytime Delivery Saver, which means you pay up front, and in return you get unlimited free deliveries on all groceries (as long as you spend £40 each time) and free next day delivery on Tesco Direct orders worth over £10. Normally the service costs £6 per month for six months, or £5 per month for 12 months.

However, at the moment Tesco is offering a free one month trial. This means you can get your Christmas deliveries sorted early and delivered for free. Of course, you will have to cancel before you are signed up to a year-long deal, but it's worth bit of extra hassle if you are planning to shop at Tesco for Christmas presents.