Prague's biggest tourist trap revealed

Rosie Vare
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Prague's biggest tourist trap revealed
Prague's biggest tourist trap revealed

A video released on YouTube has highlighted one of Prague's biggest tourist traps.

The footage, uploaded by 'Stream International', reveals that one of the currency exchange shops on the Old Town Square is massively overcharging tourists.

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Instead of 27czk for one euro Cheque Point will give you just 5 czk for one euro.

See the full video below:

The Old Town Square is one of the Czech city's most popular tourist destinations and therefore a hub for those wanting to top up their wallets before hitting the souvenir shops.

Janek Rubes, the video's presenter, has decided that it's about time someone did something about it.

The YouTube clip shows Janek stopping tourists who are approaching Cheque Point and telling them about the horrendous exchange rate.

Not only that but he then offers the tourists a map, directing them to another shop with a better exchange rate.

In the space of just two hours Janek manages to persuade around 200 people to exchange their money elsewhere.

The pair are then approached by a policeman who has been called to the shop by those working there, but Janek insists they will carry on doing their good work.

Sadly a city law prevents the pair from handing out their fliers, which they are told by the police. They agree but maintain that they will just show people how to get to the nearest exchange shop instead.

They later receive a letter from a Cheque Point representative who claims the duo have lost the company hundreds of thousands of Czech crowns, and that they could be looking at two years in prison if they publish the video.

Since the video was published on 2 October it has been views more than 642,550 times, attracting more than 1,400 comments.

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