Oasis in the the desert: Incredible plan for Abu Dhabi resort

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This Stunning Oasis In Middle Of Desert Is What Dreams Are Made Of
This Stunning Oasis In Middle Of Desert Is What Dreams Are Made Of

Deserts can be very tranquil places. After all, there's not really anything in them apart from sand.

So building resorts in them can present very specific challenges - like where the water and electricity are going to come from.

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British developer Baharash Architecture appears to have conquered such problems and intends to build an "environmentally conscious getaway" for Eco Resort Group in the United Arab Emirates.

The resort, according to current plans, is going to be built about 150 miles outside of Abu Dhabi.

Deep drilling will produce the water needed to make a central manmade spring, and solar panels will be fitted atop the surrounding structures' roofs are to serve as the property's power source.

Guests staying in the complex's 84 suites, which are anticipated to open in 2020, will enjoy local foods, a host of luxury amenities, and transport to and from Abu Dhabi via electric bus.

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