Is time running out for the wristwatch?

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It has been the staple of every man and woman's daily outfit for many a year, but it seems the wristwatch may have had its day.

brits rely on mobiles to tell the time
brits rely on mobiles to tell the time

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A new survey has revealed that a growing number of Brits are relying on their mobile phone for timekeeping, potentially making the watch redundant.

The poll of 1,522 adults, by market analysts Mintel, found that four out of 10 people turn to the clock on their phone or tablet to tell the time, a rise of 10 per cent over the last two years.

And experts predict that figure will continue to grow as mobiles become the must-have accessory - nine out of 10 UK adults already owned a mobile handset in 2011.

The Mintel report read: "As mobile phones allow consumers to do lots of things, watches need to become more technical and have multiple functions as well as telling the time, such as GPS, temperature gauge, etc.

"For example, Seiko has developed a GPS solar watch that can identify the time zone, date and time using the global network for GPS signals."

It may not be all bad for the watch, however, because the survey also found that businessmen and women were seen as more professional when they used their own personal timepiece in the office.

Despite the rise and rise of the smartphone, Professional Jeweller magazine reports that watch sales in the UK are holding firm, with the market split between the cheap and cheerful and luxury brands like Rolex and Tag Heuer.

What do you think? Have you ditched your wristwatch in favour of the smartphone, or are you still a fan of your personal timepiece? Leave your comments below...

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