Danielle's dramatic departure

I hope everyone's enjoying their 4-day week so far and looking forward to the Easter holiday. In the meantime, here is the breakdown of today's hottest searches for your reading pleasure, so sit back and enjoy!

The top search of the day that's been causing quite a stir is about poor little Danielle Jones from EastEnders. The intriguing longterm storyline in which Danielle, played by Lauren Crace, tried to be reunited with her estranged mother Ronnie Mitchell captivated a huge audience last Friday. Moments after Ronnie finally realised that Danielle was her daughter, Danielle was hit by a car and died in her mother's arms. This shocking end to the story outraged thousands of fans, some of whom even set up a Facebook goup to complain, but despite the public outcry, it seems unlikely that Danielle will be brought back from the dead.

The new tax year began yesterday and with it came rates changes, some good and some bad. The good news is a rise in the basic state pension by 5%, pension credits, child tax credits, the personal allowance and the inheritance tax threshold all increased. Not so good news for people earning over £40k as National Insurance is now payable at 11% on the first £43,875.

With all this financial news weighing heavy on people's minds, it's no wonder that the credit-crunch busting 99p bikini is garnering interest. The 99p Store has a range of bikinis in 6 different colours as well as other beachwear to accessorize with such as a cowboy hat and flip flops. The whole outfit costs less than a fiver!

Will you be buying a bargain bikini or signing the save Danielle petition? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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