If You Can Correctly Figure Out What These 19 Photos Are, The Visual Cortex Of Your Brain Is Above Average

If You Can Correctly Figure Out What These 19 Photos Are, The Visual Cortex Of Your Brain Is Above Average

1.You'll have to stare at this photo a little longer to realize it is not two people kissing:

A couple embracing on a bench, the person has a shirtless back

(The person on the right has their hand pulled up over their face.)

u/TheCurleyKrab / reddit.com

2.And, no, these are not toy cars or giant pigeons:

Two pigeons on pavement with cars in the background

(They are both regular size, it is just the angle of the pic.)

u/ChuckNorrisarus / reddit.com

3.This is definitely not one enormous life-size cigarette:

A dislodged white and rusted pole lying on a bed of small rocks near a painted curb

(it is a pole that fell over.)

u/BrackAttack / reddit.com

4.And this is not a line-up of seven barstools:

Dimly lit bar with stools lined up, empty wine glasses on the counter, and shelves of bottles in the background

(It is seven espresso martinis.)

u/madcaplarks / reddit.com

5.This isn't a triangular-shaped uncrustable:

A person holding a triangular rock resembling a sandwich above gravel

(It is a rock.)

u/SirEleventy / reddit.com

6.And this is not a massive ice cream sandwich:

A mattress standing vertically with a patterned side and a plain side

(it is a mattress.)

u/njbolinger / reddit.com

7.If you're thinking this is a great big dandelion, you're wrong:

Water spraying from a spherical dandelion-shaped fountain backlit by sunlight

8.And if you're thinking this is a great big tree that fell over, you're also wrong:

A large pile of chopped firewood stacked in a forest clearing

(It is a stack of chopped logs.)

u/LaLongueCarabine / reddit.com

9.This cat does not happen to be levitating:

A blurry black cat walking across a room

(It does, in fact, have all fours on the floor.)

u/_PACO_THE_TACO_ / reddit.com

10.And this is not two people embracing:

Person resting head on crossed arms on a couch, with a bag of chips nearby

11.This sock does not have teeth:

A red piece of clothing on a dark floor

(The liner and how it is sewed makes it look that way.)

u/azoerb / reddit.com

12.And this coin is not transparent:

A Canadian quarter balancing on its edge above a ring on a surface

(The ring shadow just makes it look that way.)

u/Squared14 / reddit.com

13.Even though this looks like saran wrap, it is not:

A frozen rose inside a clear ice block, resting on a black patterned surface

(It is a sheet of ice.)

u/Cog117 / reddit.com

14.And even though this looks like a snowy mountain, it is not:

Car dashboard showing 3°C with a snow-covered road ahead, indicating cold driving conditions

(It is ice frozen on the windshield.)

u/Arky200 / reddit.com

15.No, this isn't a photoshopped shadow:

Charging cable plugged into a device on a desk, casting a shadow in sunlight

(It's real! The angle is just tricking you.)

u/srotaroceD / reddit.com

16.And this isn't a photoshopped fruit:

Close-up of a lemon growing on a tree with leaves and branches in the background

17.This is not a man-made sheet of clouds:

View from an airplane window showing cloud coverage and horizon

(It's a perfect formulation of clouds in a square.)

u/musicforthedeaf / reddit.com

18.And this is not a blanket:

Car covered with snow except the windshield, resembling a mustache

(It's a perfect sheet of snow.)

u/SirRealist / reddit.com

19.This is not a fake snowflake:

A single snowflake with intricate patterns resting on a woven fabric surface

(It is real!)

u/AboveTheSkies / reddit.com