Easy Kids Hairstyles She'll Love

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33 Easy Kids Hairstyles Your Little Girl Will LoveJohner Images - Getty Images

Kids love expressing their personalities, and one of the most fun ways to do that is through her hairstyle. While clothes for little girls can get pricey, a fun hairstyle can often be done at home for free—as long as you have a little time and creativity. These easy ideas will make her happy without getting you off schedule during a busy morning. Whether she has long or short hair, we have ideas you can pull off.

Keep in mind that kids' opinions and styles change quickly (just think about her favorite gifts over the years!), so a look she liked last week might be too babyish today. With these hairstyle ideas for girls, you'll have plenty of options for those times when she can't make up her mind. Whether she's interested in bows, braids, or bangs, we have fun ideas to try out.

More Fun Hair Ideas

Oversize Bow Hairstyle

The coquette aesthetic has taken over social media. And while we're no longer putting bows on everything, we still love them in hairstyles. Tie a ribbon to a braid or ponytail for a fun addition to any hairstyle. We love a bold color or pattern, but she might prefer something pastel, depending on her outfit.

back vision of girl with braid and polka dot tie
Carol Yepes

Double Braid Hairstyle

This looks more complicated than it is! Simply part the hair down the middle, and braid each half. Then, for a fun twist, secure the two ends together with a hair tie. Use barrettes to keep any unruly strands in place and out of her eyes.

a young girl with long blonde hair at a fairy festival shown from the back while doing are work on a mural shows both braids with the flower detail
Dave Fimbres Photography

Easy Half-Up Hairstyle

If she prefers to keep her hair down, give her a little flair by pulling the top half up and securing with a bow. She'll be happier when it comes time to do crafts or play outside.

portrait of a smiling little girl at home
Igor Alecsander

Double Buns Hairstyle

Not all little girls want to sit still to have their hair done, but they can still have a fun, simple style. Just pull her hair into two high ponytails, flip each over to make a messy bun, and secure with elastics.

portrait of girl with face gems, jewels on cheeks cute girl in beige sweater on white background
Halfpoint Images

Braids with a Side Pony

Give her cornrows a fun twist with a high side pony. Let her express her fashion sense with colorful bows or barrettes.

rear view of african girl with braided hair at studio

Easy Hairstyle with Bangs

Little girls and grown women are loving bangs these days (we can't help it—Taylor Swift makes them look so chic!). Let her try the hairstyle and see if it suits her. Just keep in mind she'll need regular trims to keep them out of her eyes.

portrait of cute smiling girl with redhead female child is with arms crossed she is against white background

Colorful Pigtails Easy Hairstyle

Colorful hair ties are the key to this fun look. Start by pulling medium- to long-length hair into high pigtails. Add another hair tie a couple inches down, repeating until you reach the bottom of each pigtail.

close up of unrecognizable caring mother combing hair of cute girl with down syndrome and tying it in pigtails
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Colorful Headband Easy Hairstyle

A headband (with or without a bow) is an easy way to keep hair from falling into the face. Bonus: It adds a pop of color!

little girl with curly brown hair and a bright green headband with a bow
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Side Barrettes Easy Hairstyle

The addition of barrettes elevates the fun factor in this already cheerful hairstyle for kids and tweens. Clip a single barrette or a pair on bangs to keep hair pulled out the face and to add color and personality. This application works when hair is down or up, as shown here.

teenage girl smiling and she has two pink hair barrettes on the side and a side ponytail over her shoulder
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Braided Buns Easy Hairstyle

Take double buns to the next level by starting with braids. Twist around and secure with hairpins as you go. A straight part down the back and a sleeker style makes for a cleaner look than messy buns.

blonde girl with braids made into buns
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Double Daisy Braids Easy Hairstyle

Dot double braids with sweet daisies for a party or special day out. Secure to hair with bobby pins.

girl with brunette braided hair with white flowers and birthday cone hat with decorative chamomiles on a white wall background
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Front Side Ponytail Easy Hairstyle

We love this playful front side ponytail for a quick and easy everyday hairstyle. Starting at the part, brush hair out of the face and make a ponytail on one side. Add a bow or ribbon if desired.

portrait of smiling little girl in nature
Westend61 - Getty Images

Side Banded Ponytail Easy Hairstyle

Especially a good choice for muggy summer days, pull back her beautiful hair with a bit of leave-in conditioner and a handful of colorful hair ties.

Get the tutorial at De Su Mama.

side braided ponytail easy kids hairstyle
De Su Mama

French Braid Easy Hairstyle

There's a reason a simple French braid is so popular. It works for just about every hair type and can be dressed up or down.

red haired girl looking at view and her hair is in a french braid
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Top Knot Easy Hairstyle

Put hair in a ponytail high on the head, then twist the hair around into a bun. Secure with an extra hair elastic at the base or bobby pins, if needed.

cute cheerful girl showing a peace sign in denim overalls and a pink shirt
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Flower Crown Easy Hairstyle

A daisy chain-turned-flower crown makes any girl instantly look sweeter. This style is perfect for a birthday party, picnic, wedding, or just a fun day playing outdoors.

young girl laughing with daisies in hair
Janie Airey - Getty Images

Claw Clip Easy Hairstyle

Long live the claw clip! Not only do they come in every size and color of the rainbow, but they also make pulling hair back easier than ever. We love this look for older elementary girls, tweens, and teens.

a girl with hair pulled up in a black claw clip
Getty Images

Pigtail Braids

Disney alum Skai Jackson rocks two side Dutch braids pulled into low pigtails, which you can re-create on your daughter in no time.

easy kids hairstyles skai jackson pigtail braids
getty images

Twist Wrap Ponytail Easy Hairstyle

Whether to spruce up her go-to ponytail or keep her hair tightly in place during soccer games, this twisted creation works for any occasion and takes five minutes, tops.

Get the tutorial at Cute Girls Hairstyles.

twist wrap ponytail easy kids hairstyles
Cute Girls Hairstyles

Tied Up Braids Easy Hairstyle

Don't let looks fool you—this hairstyle may seem beyond your skill level, but it's basically two braided pigtails secured with colorful clips. Easy enough, right?

Get the tutorial at Fynes Designs.

easy kids hairstyle tied up braids

Double French Braid Easy Hairstyle

Split hair into two equal sections and French braid each side down the back. This last-all-day style is a great choice for an active girl!

view of the back of a little girls head with french braids and a bright pink dress in front of a pink background
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Ballerina Bun Easy Hairstyle

The ballerina bun is not just for dance recitals. Secured with a crocheted flower-pattern hair piece, this clean, pulled-back look is a sleek choice for any occasion.

dancer with a bun in a pretty garden
Isabel Pavia - Getty Images

Fishtail Braid Easy Hairstyle

This one takes a little practice, but once you get going, the impact is well worth the time. Try a looser, chunkier version to get the Elsa from Frozen effect!

rear view of woman with fishtail braid
Helen Cooper / EyeEm - Getty Images

Double Braid Tieback Easy Hairstyle

Give tweens some hairstyle love with a bohemian braided style, which works on any hair length and texture.

Get the tutorial at Cute Girls Hairstyles.

double braid tieback easy kids hairstyles
Cute Girls Hairstyles

Pigtail Buns Easy Hairstyle

Make these messy buns your go-to when you're running behind before school.

Get the tutorial at My Organized Chaos.

pigtail buns easy kids hairstyles
My Organized Chaos

Half Bun Easy Hairstyle

For young girls with longer locks, this easy updo keeps hair off their faces, takes only seconds to assemble, and makes for an adorably voluminous top knot she'll love checking out in the mirror.

Get the tutorial at Nesting With Grace.

easy kids hairstyles half bun
Nesting With Grace

Criss-Cross Braids Easy Hairstyle

With X-shaped braids and matching pink bows, pigtails have never looked so cool. Note: The style works best on wet or damp hair.

Get the tutorial at The Chirping Moms.

criss cross braids easy kids hairstyles
The Chirping Moms

Side Ponytail Easy Hairstyle

It's simple, speedy, and looks amazing on any hair length—as evidenced by Modern Family's Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, whose strands are styled at the nape of her neck.

easy kids hairstyles side ponytail
getty images

Flip Faux Fishtail Easy Hairstyle

Step-by-step instructions and a video tutorial will guide you through this reverse take on a side fishtail braid. Butterfly clips to complete the look are a must.

Get the tutorial Cute Girls Hairstyles.

flip faux fishtail easy kids hairstyles
Cute Girls Hairstyles

Split Pigtails Easy Hairstyle

Secure the front portion of her hair, bangs included, and then section off into two pigtails.

Get the tutorial at A Girl and a Glue Gun.

split pigtails easy kids hairstyle
A Girl and a Glue Gun

Criss-Cross Braided Buns Easy Hairstyle

Here's another hairdo that's way easier than it looks. Simply make three sets of pigtails, then criss cross them up her head and secure into mini buns.

Get the tutorial at A Girl and a Glue Bun.

criss cross braid buns easy kids hairstyles
A Girl and a Glue Gun

Sock Bun Easy Hairstyle

Salvage a leftover (clean) sock to use as the base of your little girl's ballerina-worthy bun. Consider a bow that matches her outfit.

Get the tutorial at Kojodesigns.

toddler top knot easy kids hairstyles

Triple Buns Easy Hairstyle

May the force be with you as you work your hair magic for this Star Wars-inspired 'do.

Get the tutorial at Cute Girls Hairstyles.

triple buns easy girls hairstyle
Cute Girls Hairstyles

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