20 Broccoli Recipes You're Bound To Love

broccoli on cutting board
broccoli on cutting board - Michelle McGlinn/Tasting Table

If you're like most people, you probably despised broccoli as a kid. But as an adult, there's a good chance you like — or even love — the cruciferous vegetable. There's a lot to adore about broccoli, after all; it's packed with essential nutrients, from immune-supporting vitamin C to gut-friendly fiber. It's also high in antioxidants, or beneficial compounds that protect your cells from damage. This includes sulforaphane, a plant chemical found in all cruciferous vegetables, including bok choy and cauliflower.

Plus, when prepared properly, broccoli can transform from a mildly bitter vegetable to a flavorful component in casseroles, salads, soups, and more. The key is to pair broccoli with ingredients that balance its earthy taste, such as dried fruit, lemon juice, or savory sauces. Tangy ingredients like Greek yogurt and Parmesan cheese also work well, as they tone down the slight bitterness of broccoli.

To get the most out of your broccoli, be sure to buy ones with bright green and tightly closed buds. Avoid any broccoli heads with yellow or brown spots or mushiness. Check the stalk as well, as it should be firm, green, and free of moisture.

At home, the best way to keep broccoli fresh is to store it in the refrigerator in an unsealed plastic bag. While you're at it, avoid washing the broccoli before stashing it away, as the extra moisture will speed up spoilage. When you're ready to cook with the vegetable, check out the following broccoli recipes for delicious inspiration.

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Citrus-Roasted Broccoli

citrus-roasted broccoli
citrus-roasted broccoli - Susan Olayinka/Tasting Table

With a prep time of just 2 minutes, this citrus-roasted broccoli recipe is perfect for quick weeknight dinners. Broccoli florets are tossed with avocado oil, salt, and lemon zest, then roasted for 10 minutes until tender and lightly charred. Serve the broccoli as a side dish with pasta, rice, or salmon, or chop it up into tiny florets and use it as a topping for soup. It can also be tossed in warm-grain salads for a pop of color and flavor.

Recipe: Citrus-Roasted Broccoli

Simple Steamed Broccoli

simple steamed broccoli
simple steamed broccoli - Miriam Hahn/Tasting Table

When it comes to vegetable side dishes, you can't go wrong with simple steamed broccoli. It takes less than 10 minutes to prepare, and you can easily double or triple the recipe if needed. You'll also need a steamer basket and a pot or deep pan, but if not, you can also steam the broccoli florets in a pot with about 2 inches of water. Once the broccoli turns bright green, it's ready to be served with your main meal.

Recipe: Simple Steamed Broccoli

Crispy Smashed Broccoli

crispy smashed broccoli
crispy smashed broccoli - Miriam Hahn/Tasting Table

If you're a fan of crunchy textures, this crispy smashed broccoli recipe deserves a spot on your plate. Simply steam broccoli florets until tender, then smash them with the bottom of a cup or jar — which is pretty fun. Next, brush on olive oil seasoned with garlic and smoked paprika, then top everything off with shredded Parmesan cheese. After just 20 minutes in the oven, the florets will transform into a delightfully crispy side dish or appetizer. Enjoy the broccoli on its own or with a dip like a ranch dressing, hummus, or guacamole.

Recipe: Crispy Smashed Broccoli

Velvety Soy Chicken And Broccoli

soy chicken and broccoli
soy chicken and broccoli - Leah Maroney/Tasting Table

Thanks to this delicious velvety soy chicken and broccoli, you can skip takeout and make the classic American-Chinese dish from scratch. A one-pan recipe, it features skinless chicken breasts marinated in a mixture of soy sauce, dry sherry, and baking soda — yes, really. Baking soda is used to tenderize the chicken, making it delightfully soft and juicy. Once cooked, the chicken is coated in a savory-sweet sauce made of soy sauce, oyster sauce, brown sugar, black pepper, and cornstarch.

Recipe: Velvety Soy and Chicken Broccoli

Easy Broccoli Pesto

easy broccoli pesto
easy broccoli pesto - Catherine Brookes/Tasting Table

For a tasty spin on traditional pesto, try this easy broccoli version. It combines boiled broccoli with the usual pesto ingredients — fresh basil, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, Parmesan cheese, salt, and pepper — to create a unique riff on the condiment. But like all homemade recipes, you're welcome to adjust the ingredients according to your preferences. For example, to make it dairy-free, replace the Parmesan cheese with nutritional yeast. Love garlic? Add an extra garlic clove or two.

Recipe: Easy Broccoli Pesto

Broccoli Bacon Brussels Salad

broccoli bacon brussels salad
broccoli bacon brussels salad - Michelle McGlinn/Tasting Table

Crispy bacon, sliced Brussels sprouts, and fresh broccoli florets come together in this vibrant salad. The dish also calls for crunchy pine nuts and tangy goat cheese, plus a homemade 3-ingredient vinaigrette. Serve this broccoli bacon Brussels salad on its own or, if you want to make it a meal, with grilled chicken or chunks of ham. For a vegan take on the salad, omit the goat cheese and add chickpeas, beans, or crumbled tofu.

Recipe: Broccoli Bacon Brussels Salad

Takeout-Style Beef And Broccoli

takeout-style beef and broccoli
takeout-style beef and broccoli - Cecilia Ryu/Tasting Table

Sure, carryout might be a phone call away — but this takeout-style beef and broccoli will taste so much better. Beef, onions, and broccoli are cooked to perfection, then tossed with a sauce made of soy sauce, brown sugar, mirin (a type of rice wine), black pepper, and sesame oil. Fluffy white rice is a classic pairing here, but you can go for any type of grain, including brown rice, quinoa, or noodles.

Recipe: Takeout-Style Beef and Broccoli

Cast-Iron Charred Broccoli

cast-iron charred broccoli
cast-iron charred broccoli - Michelle Sun/Tasting Table

A quick and easy side dish, this cast-iron charred broccoli is ready in just 20 minutes. Broccoli florets are browned in a cast-iron skillet and then served with boiled egg, Fresno chiles, and green onions. The dish also includes a creamy and tangy sauce made of coconut milk, lime juice, honey, ginger, fish sauce, and gochujang, a red chili paste used in traditional Korean cooking. It's the definition of a flavorful side dish, though you can enjoy it as an appetizer or toss it with protein and rice for a mouthwatering meal.

Recipe: Cast-Iron Charred Broccoli

Best Broccoli Salad

best broccoli salad
best broccoli salad - Jaime Shelbert/Tasting Table

One bite of this dish, and you'll agree that it's the best broccoli salad out there. To make it, you'll fry turkey bacon, then chop it up. Toss the bacon with broccoli florets, diced red onion, sunflower seeds, and dried cranberries, then add a tangy Greek yogurt-based dressing. Mayonnaise also works here, though it won't be as creamy — or high in protein — as the Greek yogurt version. Once you've tossed everything together, don't forget to chill it in the refrigerator for a few hours to let the flavors develop.

Recipe: Best Broccoli Salad

Classic Broccoli Cheddar Soup

broccoli cheddar soup
broccoli cheddar soup - Catherine Brookes/Tasting Table

Perfect for the cooler months, this classic broccoli cheddar soup offers a homemade take on the popular dish. The first step is to sauté onions and carrots, which will add flavor and texture to the soup. The texture is developed with finely diced broccoli florets and potato simmered with vegetable stock. Boil everything for 20 minutes, then add whole milk and grated cheddar cheese to transform the mixture into a creamy and satisfying soup. Serve with a side of crusty bread or top with crushed crackers.

Recipe: Classic Broccoli Cheddar Soup

Roasted Broccoli Rabe Grilled Cheese Sandwich

broccoli rabe grilled cheese sandwich
broccoli rabe grilled cheese sandwich - Michelle McGlinn/Tasting Table

The next time you're in the mood for a grilled cheese, make this roasted broccoli rabe version. Though not technically broccoli, broccoli rabe (also known as rapini) is a turnip green that tastes similar to broccoli. In this recipe, the cruciferous vegetable is roasted with olive oil, lemon juice, and red pepper, then layered between fontina and mozzarella. Feel free to use your favorite bread, though a thicker variety like sourdough will be your best bet.

Recipe: Roasted Broccoli Rabe Grilled Cheese

Sheet Pan Gnocchi With Chicken And Broccoli

gnocchi with chicken and broccoli
gnocchi with chicken and broccoli - Michelle McGlinn/Tasting Table

Sheet pan dinners can be a game-changer on weekday nights, and this gnocchi with chicken and broccoli version is no exception. You can use shelf-stable, freezer, or refrigerated gnocchi, though the latter will be fresher. Once you've gathered all your ingredients, spread gnocchi, broccoli florets, and cubes of chicken breast on a sheet pan, then top with sun-dried tomatoes and cream cheese. After 20 minutes in the oven, the cream cheese will melt, allowing you to combine everything into a creamy dinner of goodness.

Recipe: Sheet Pan Gnocchi with Chicken and Broccoli

Creamy Cannellini-Broccoli Soup

creamy cannellini-broccoli soup
creamy cannellini-broccoli soup - Meghan Uno/Tasting Table

Thanks to its base of beans, this creamy cannellini-broccoli soup is equal parts hearty and filling. It also uses broccoli stems rather than heads, making it an excellent way to reuse scraps and get the most out of your produce. The first step is to cook sliced broccoli stems and leeks, then add chicken broth, water, Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese rind, and seasonings. Next, add the beans and simmer, then puree everything in a blender until smooth. The result will be a protein-packed dish that's both comforting and creamy.

Recipe: Creamy Cannellini-Broccoli Soup

Elevated Chicken Divan

elevated chicken divan
elevated chicken divan - Stephanie Rapone/Tasting Table

A retro casserole hailing from the mid-1900s, the chicken divan sounds fancier than it really is. The traditional version calls for chicken breast, broccoli, parmesan cheese, and a white sauce like hollandaise, but this elevated chicken divan recipe takes things up a notch. In addition to its from-scratch cream sauce, it uses cheddar and gruyere instead of Parmesan and features a dash of curry powder. And if you're short on time? Feel free to use store-bought rotisserie chicken.

Recipe: Elevated Chicken Divan

Simple Sauteed Broccoli

sauteed broccoli in bowls
sauteed broccoli in bowls - Miriam Hahn/Tasting Table

Whether you're looking for a quick side dish or trying to use up leftover broccoli, this easy sautéed version will fit the bill. Ready in just 10 minutes, this simple sautéed broccoli recipe cooks the vegetable in olive oil until tender and bright. It also includes flavoring ingredients like garlic cloves, pink Himalayan salt, black pepper, and lemon juice, though you're welcome to experiment with your favorite seasonings and spices. Serve the broccoli with grain and protein, or add it to pasta, warm salads, or wraps.

Recipe: Simple Sautéed Broccoli

Roasted Vegetable Pasta Primavera

roasted vegetable pasta primavera
roasted vegetable pasta primavera - Miriam Hahn/Tasting Table

The idea of making roasted vegetable pasta primavera at home might sound intimidating, but it's surprisingly simple to do. Start by chopping vegetables like broccoli, red pepper, asparagus, and mushrooms, then roast everything (along with grape tomatoes) until browned and tender. Next, whip up a quick cream sauce made of broth, milk, and Parmesan cheese, then combine it with cooked penne pasta. To make it even more filling, add shredded chicken or ground turkey to the dish.

Recipe: Roasted Vegetable Pasta Primavera

Teriyaki Tofu And Mushroom Stir-Fry

teriyaki tofu and mushroom stir-fry
teriyaki tofu and mushroom stir-fry - Miriam Hahn/Tasting Table

Deliciously sweet and savory, this teriyaki tofu and mushroom stir-fry is bursting with flavor. Not only does it include a homemade teriyaki sauce, but it's packed with vegetables like red pepper, mushrooms, and, of course, broccoli. Don't limit yourself to these options, though — vegetables like green pepper, cauliflower, and carrots would also work well here. Just be sure to use extra-firm tofu, as it will hold up best during the cooking process.

Recipe: Teriyaki Tofu and Mushroom Stir-Fry

Chicken Almond Gai Ding

chicken almond gai ding
chicken almond gai ding - Julianne De Witt/Tasting Table

If you love savory dishes with a bit of crunch, this chicken almond gai ding is for you. Almond gai ding is a Chinese dish made of mixed vegetables, chicken, and almonds. This particular recipe uses broccoli florets, bell peppers, snow peas, shiitake mushrooms, water chestnuts, and scallions, but you're welcome to use whatever produce you have on hand. The vegetables and chicken are cooked in a wok and mixed with a savory sauce, topped with almonds, and then served atop a bed of white rice.

Recipe: Chicken Almond Gai Ding

Green Detox Soup

green detox soup
green detox soup - Miriam Hahn/Tasting Table

For a new way to sip your vegetables, make this green detox soup. It features a blend of nine (yes, nine) nutritious vegetables, including celery, spinach, yellow pepper, and broccoli. The dish also includes canned cannellini beans, a protein-rich ingredient that gives the soup body and depth, and ginger, which offers a warm and spicy kick. Round it all out with a splash of lemon juice and fresh parsley, then serve with your go-to crusty bread or pita.

Recipe: Green Detox Soup

Vegan Green Goddess Soup

vegan green goddess soup
vegan green goddess soup - Miriam Hahn/Tasting Table

Green smoothies are no match for this vegan green goddess soup. It's packed with nutrient-dense vegetables, from kale and spinach to broccoli and zucchini. The dish also has an herbaceous flavor thanks to parsley, cilantro, and basil, along with a bit of brightness thanks to lemon juice. However, the real star of the show here is cashews, which provides a creamy texture and plant-based protein. The soup also lasts for 5 days in the refrigerator, so you can whip it up on Sunday and enjoy it during the week.

Recipe: Vegan Green Goddess Soup

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