The 20 Best Places to Buy Wrapping Paper of 2023

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Browse unique, funny, and elegant designs for any occasion.

<p>Real Simple / Marcus Millan</p>

Real Simple / Marcus Millan

With the holidays right around the corner, you’ve probably already started searching for gifts worthy of your friends and family members. But in addition to finding the right presents, it’s arguably just as important to find the right wrapping paper, too.

“Presentation of a gift can really make the gift experience,” says Hannah Redmond, the co-founder of the gifting service Happy Box. “The more unique or interesting the wrapping paper, the more ‘social currency’ you'll get. If you have really fun holiday wrapping paper that says 'Bebe it's cold outside' and has Moira Rose's face all over it, you bet that will be photographed and posted on Instagram.”

Even if you’re not looking for any extra social clout, wrapping an item in gorgeous or silly paper can really help personalize the gift-giving experience. To help you find the very best options, we’ve rounded up the best retailers to buy wrapping paper, from indie brands to big-box stores. And with Redmond’s help, we’ve also provided advice on what to look for when shopping for wrapping paper in terms of price, quality, designs, and more.

Paper Source

<p>Paper Source</p>

Paper Source

What Stands Out: The chain has a variety of vivid, colorful prints.
What Could Be Improved: Narrowing down options can be challenging due to its vast selection.

With over 120 stores across the U.S. (and a bustling online presence), Paper Source is a popular go-to for greeting cards, stationery, and wrapping paper. Its vast selection of gorgeous papers comes in a wide range of prices and styles, including the super unique Cavallini collection, the vintage-inspired Stone Collection, and plenty of unique handmade options, as well. These colors and prints will stand out from typical wrapping paper and make a seriously cool statement when you hand over your gift.

Price Range: $5-$19 | Shipping: Free on orders over $50 | Return Policy: 30 days




What Stands Out: Every item is handmade and unique.
What Could Be Improved: Shipping costs and return policies vary by seller.

Etsy is the premiere place to go for beautiful and original handmade goods, and the site’s wrapping paper selection follows suit. You can find everything from elegant floral designs to bright animal prints, and some sellers even provide custom wrapping paper that you can personalize with a name or a face. No matter your taste or budget, Etsy will undoubtedly have options that work for you—just keep in mind that every seller’s return policy and shipping cost is different.

Price Range: $1-$187 | Shipping: Varies | Return Policy: Varies

Rifle Paper Co.

<p>Rifle Paper Co.</p>

Rifle Paper Co.

What Stands Out: The paper is high-quality and beautiful.
What Could Be Improved: There aren't a lot of options, and all of them are holiday-related.

Rifle Paper Co. is another great wrapping paper source, as the retailer features dozens of beautiful and sophisticated designs, often with festive and colorful themes. The 8-foot rolls are more than enough to cover a large number of presents, or you could opt for individual sheets if you want more variation in your wrapping. After you’ve picked out the right paper, you can also add on gift bags, ribbons, stickers, and more from Rifle’s whimsical collection.

Price Range: $11-$30 | Shipping: Free on orders over $50 | Return Policy: 30 days




What Stands Out: The wrapping paper comes from a large variety of designers.
What Could Be Improved: Prices can run a bit high.

Minted may be known for its wedding stationery and decor, but the brand also has excellent wrapping paper choices. The hundreds of options offered include many lovely holiday-themed prints as well as abstract patterns and solid colors. Additionally, each set of wrapping paper stands out from the norm since they’re all made by different designers. Moreover, you can customize the paper by adding a photo of your choice, making the gift-giving even more personal and fun.

Price Range: $15-$18 | Shipping: $3.95-$9.95 for standard shipping | Return Policy: Return at any time for replacement or refund




What Stands Out: Prices are low, and there's a ton of variety.
What Could Be Improved: It can get overwhelming if you're not sure what you're looking for.

Holiday shopping at Target is almost guaranteed if you’re a fan of this retailer, and its wrapping paper selection is up for the task. On its site, the store carries over 170 paper options in a range of sizes and styles, including both festive Christmas-themed prints and more versatile single-color options. There are wrapping papers designed specifically for kids, too, as well as ones themed around foods, characters, places, and more. Not to mention, many of these options are also available at accessible price points, helping you save for other gifts you may have.

Price Range: $3-$38 | Shipping: Free on orders over $35 | Return Policy: 90 days




What Stands Out: The wrapping paper prints are funky, unique, and totally original.
What Could Be Improved: The cost per roll is significantly higher than average.

With designs contributed by over 450,000 artists worldwide, Society6 is a fantastic spot for finding unique, curated collections, including wrapping paper. The brand sells its paper in large sets of five sheets, and patterns range from champagne bottles and mushrooms to puppies and skeletons. The funky and unique prints are sure to impress your gift recipients, and in our opinion, well worth the site’s slightly higher-than-average cost.

Price Range: $20-$28 | Shipping: Varies | Return Policy: 30 days




What Stands Out: Prime members get access to next-day shipping.
What Could Be Improved: Quality varies.

Unsurprisingly, Amazon has an enormous amount of wrapping paper to choose from in a seemingly endless number of styles, sizes, and price ranges. From florals and animal prints to holiday-themed designs, the retailer boasts one of the largest selections on this list. However, what makes Amazon really stand out from its competitors is how fast it delivers its items to Prime members—you can order wrapping paper in the morning and potentially have it at your home later that afternoon.

Price Range: $1-$300 | Shipping: Free with Amazon Prime; varies for non-members | Return Policy: 30 days




What Stands Out: The wrapping paper is made with sustainability in mind.
What Could Be Improved: The shipping costs can rack up.

If sustainability is a priority for you, we recommend checking out Wrappily. The retailer offers locally-made, eco-friendly paper that’s recyclable, compostable, and plastic-free, so you can feel extra good about your gift-giving. The dozens of choices available are all reversible, too, so they waste less space when stored in your home and give you more to work with. Plus, the colors and patterns are vibrant and fun, and come in sets of three large sheets.

Price Range: $11-$20 | Shipping: $6.50+ | Return Policy: Return at any time for replacement or refund

World Market

<p>World Market</p>

World Market

What Stands Out: You can buy 3-packs of rolls with a mix of designs.
What Could Be Improved: You need to be a member to take advantage of many deals.

World Market features everything from furniture to home decor, but its variety of wrapping paper is absolutely worth checking out. There are tons of great holiday-themed options available that include elegant and romantic designs, as well as silly, vibrant offerings featuring animals and other figures. If you’re willing to pay a bit more, you can opt for one of the retailer’s 3-packs to get a mix of cool designs.

Price Range: $10-$18 | Shipping: Free on orders over $49 | Return Policy: 60 days

Paper Mart

<p>Paper Mart</p>

Paper Mart

What Stands Out: Unique paper choices include holographic and reversible options.
What Could Be Improved: Shipping costs vary and are often high.

True to its name, Paper Mart offers every kind of paper good you could think of, making it an excellent choice for all of your gift wrapping needs. The number of options—over 10,000 in total—can seem overwhelming, but the site helps you narrow down the picks by selecting specific colors, finishes, materials, and more. There are holographic papers, reversible patterns, vintage-inspired designs, and so much else, and you can buy in bulk if you want to stock up for next season. Just keep in mind that shipping costs can run high depending on where the paper is coming from.

Price Range: $3-$200 | Shipping: Varies | Return Policy: 30 days




What Stands Out: You can pick up your paper at a local store or have it delivered.
What Could Be Improved: Quality varies.

If you want to keep costs low while still having a generous selection of wrapping paper options, Walmart is a solid place to look. The retailer has hundreds of wrapping papers available on its site, including plenty of options geared toward kids or themed around specific interests like food or sports. If you just prefer a basic solid print, Walmart also has many low-key paper options as well. For extra convenience, the retailer allows you to order your wrapping paper for pick up in-store at a nearby location, or you can simply get it delivered to your door.

Price Range: $1-$250 | Shipping: Free on orders over $35 | Return Policy: 90 days




What Stands Out: The prints are intricate and whimsical.
What Could Be Improved: The selection is a little limited.

Anthropologie may not have the biggest selection of wrapping paper around, but all of the brand’s options are beautifully designed. You won’t find simple, solid-color papers here—the retailer’s prints are all vivid, intricate, and whimsically original, and come from a variety of artists and brands. For instance, you can pick up a holiday-themed roll of cats in sweaters, or another option featuring zoo animals riding sleds down a snowy hill. Its selection is fun, festive, and decently priced as well with selections starting at $10.

Price Range: $10-$24 | Shipping: Varies based on order total; starts at $6.95 | Return Policy: 30 days




What Stands Out: You can customize your own wrapping paper.
What Could Be Improved: Wrapping paper quality varies depending on the designer.

Zazzle features a wide array of products made by independent designers, including rolls of unique and eye-catching wrapping paper. From pretty floral patterns to funky prints, you’ll find plenty of great options on the site. However, if you aren’t feeling any of the designs, you can use Zazzle’s customization tools to create your own personalized look. Simply upload the image of your choice, and the retailer will turn it into a large set of matte or glossy wrapping paper that no one else will have.

Price Range: $4-$40 | Shipping: Varies | Return Policy: 30 days




What Stands Out: The wrapping paper is environmentally-friendly and includes reusable options.
What Could Be Improved: All papers are non-refundable.

For a more luxurious selection of wrapping paper, Unwrp is a top option. The site’s relatively limited yet gorgeous collection features papers in bright colors and fun patterns, and they’re also environmentally-friendly. Each set is recyclable and carbon-neutral, and you can pick from some reusable fabric wraps as well. You’ll have a blast looking through the retailer’s vibrant options—but be aware that all purchases are not returnable.

Price Range: $18 | Shipping: $9 | Return Policy: Non-refundable




What Stands Out: There is a solid collection of holiday-themed wrapping paper options.
What Could Be Improved: It’s difficult to sort through the many options on the brand’s site.

Michaels is a go-to shop for anyone looking for crafts and decor of all kinds, including wrapping paper. Whether you head to one of the retailer’s many stores or search its site, you’ll find papers of all different styles, sizes, and prices, including many festive holiday-themed options. And since it’s Michaels, you know you’ll be able to pick up gift boxes, ribbons, and any other gift supplies you might need this holiday season.

Price Range: $1-$250 | Shipping: Free on orders over $50 | Return Policy: 60 days

Our Heiday

<p>Our Heiday</p>

Our Heiday

What Stands Out: The wrapping paper designs are elegant and sophisticated.
What Could Be Improved: The number of wrapping paper options is fairly limited.

Our Heiday is a small brand that offers stationery, greeting cards, wedding decor, and a number of elegant wrapping paper options. The designs tend to be abstract and intricate, with even the most bright and colorful picks having a sophisticated feel. While there may not be a ton of options to choose from, each print is well-made, and stands out from other typical wrapping paper options.

Price Range: $11 | Shipping: Free on orders over $75 | Return Policy: 7 days

The Container Store

<p>The Container Store</p>

The Container Store

What Stands Out: There are tons of unique patterns and colors.
What Could Be Improved: Free shipping doesn't start until you spend $99.

If you only think of The Container Store for storage, you’re missing out, because the retailer has nearly 200 great wrapping paper options, as well. In addition to some seasonal holiday picks, you can find paper decorated with illustrations of wild animals, minimalist rainbows, colorful polka dots, and much more. The birthday options are particularly vibrant, so you can pick up a few rolls for the next non-holiday celebration in your life (and even store them in some of The Container Store’s wrapping paper storage options!).

Price Range: $1-$34 | Shipping: Free on orders over $99; otherwise starts at $8.95 | Return Policy: 120 days




What Stands Out: Any wrapping paper option doesn’t cost more than $10.
What Could Be Improved: There aren't as many non-holiday-themed wrapping paper options.

The paper product company Caspari has over 120 beautiful wrapping papers to pick from, ranging from simple, solid-color options that you can use for any occasion to festive, funky holiday-themed options perfect for December gift-giving. There are Santas twirling around trees, elves hanging from mistletoe, birds chirping on branches, and more, all on ample eight-foot-long rolls. Plus, nothing costs more than $10, so you can keep your gift-wrapping costs low and splurge more on actual presents.

Price Range: $10 | Shipping: Free on orders over $100; otherwise starts at $5.95 | Return Policy: 30 days




What Stands Out: You can pick up your online orders in store.
What Could Be Improved: Browsing the huge collection of wrapping paper options can be overwhelming.

Hallmark doesn’t just do greeting cards: The brand also offers plenty of wrapping paper in a big variety of designs, from low-key geometric prints to fun, busy options featuring illustrations of donuts, pandas, and more. You can stop into one of Hallmark’s many retail locations to browse its wrapping paper selection, or you can pick up any orders you placed online (all of which ship free if you pick up in store). Either way, you’re bound to find some low-cost yet high-quality wrapping paper that suits your needs this holiday season.

Price Range: $5-$30 | Shipping: Free on orders over $20 | Return Policy: 90 days

Dogwood Hill

<p>Dogwood Hill</p>

Dogwood Hill

What Stands Out: All wrapping paper options are handmade and intricate.
What Could Be Improved: Its preppy wrapping paper designs may not appeal to all tastes.

Dogwood Hill is a luxurious and preppy paper source that has an assortment of intricately designed wrapping paper, all handmade by the site’s artists. Its seasonal selections are particularly notable, such as a roll featuring an entire Christmas village or an option showing nutcrackers and gingerbread men side by side. With most options starting at $12, it's a bit pricier than other places, but worth it if you're looking for something special.

Price Range: $12 | Shipping: Varies | Return Policy: 28 days

How to Shop for Wrapping Paper Like a Pro


The price of wrapping paper can vary greatly, with some retailers (especially larger stores like Amazon or Target) offering several feet of plain paper starting at just $1, and others selling larger reams of luxuriously-made paper for as much as $200. On average, though, expect to spend between $10-$20 for a high-quality set of wrapping paper from most stores—and more if you plan to order multiple rolls and/or customize the paper in any way.


The quality of wrapping paper can make a big difference in the presentation of your gift, so opt for paper that feels thick (aka it’s less likely to tear which can lead to wrapping mistakes) and has a clear, easy-to-see design. But even if the wrapping paper you’re using isn’t the finest material, there are ways to make it appear higher-quality to your recipient.

“Adding little details like a bow or curling some ribbon tells your recipient that you spent time on this gift, and that's really what matters,” says Hannah Redmond, co-founder of Happy Box. “You were invested in making them feel happy at this moment, for this occasion, because they are special to you.”

Design Options

With wrapping paper, the design options are pretty much unlimited. Whether you tend to gravitate towards more simple, solid-color prints, bright and funky patterns, or anywhere in-between, you’re going to have plenty of papers to choose from. Plus, many brands (including several on our list) allow you to customize the paper with a photo of your choice for an extra personal design touch.

Shipping & Returns

Before buying wrapping paper from any retailer, make sure to check both the shipping cost and return policy. Many brands offer one flat fee for shipping wrapping paper within the U.S., while others vary in price depending on the amount ordered and total cost (some may even offer free shipping if you hit a certain price minimum). As for return policies, the majority of wrapping paper retailers offer free refunds or exchanges within 30- or 60-day windows, but be sure to double-check your chosen retailer’s policy before ordering.

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