The 20 best easy chicken recipes

<span>Pickle and dill chicken with sour cream.</span><span>Photograph: Kate Whitaker/The Observer</span>
Pickle and dill chicken with sour cream.Photograph: Kate Whitaker/The Observer

Twenty best easy chicken recipes! Five words to fill you with joy. From Claire Thomson’s Thai-inspired chicken soup to Gill Meller’s roast bird, we have rooted through some of our most treasured cookery books to bring you the finest meals we can find. Presenting Khanh Ong’s bang bang Sichuan chicken, Sri Owen’s adobo with rice, and Kitty Coles’ unbeatable bun. Featuring our favourite recipes from some of our favourite food writers: Joe Trivelli, Georgia Levy, Rachel Roddy, and OFM’s own Nigel Slater. Twenty simple-to-make meals that will taste simply brilliant.

Scaloppine di pollo al marsala and prosciutto crudo recipe by Tessa Kiros

A simple sauteed chicken dish with marsala for an unctuous, syrupy finishing touch

Roasted lemongrass and turmeric chicken steaks recipe by Karen Martini

A rich, Vietnamese-style marinade gives roasted chicken a deeply spicy flavour

Gill Meller’s recipe for roast chicken with anchovy, rosemary, chilli and garlic butter

Laden with flavour, this butter can be used in many ways, but adding it to chicken is when the real magic happens

One-pot chicken mujadara recipe by Molly Baz

Forget roasting and change the way you cook chicken forever with this juicy, flavoursome dish

Rachel Roddy’s recipe for chicken, ricotta and lemon polpette

A classic, easy-to-cook meatball dish with lemon zest to give it a lift. Serve with greens and rice or potatoes

Nigel Slater’s recipe for roast chicken, mango and ginger salad

Allow chicken juices to meld with zesty lime for a flavoursome summer salad, perfect for a light lunch or barbecue

Nigel Slater’s recipe for chicken, sherry and almond pot roast

Conjure up a tasty dish with only a handful of ingredients and a single pot

Georgia Levy’s recipe for pickle and dill chicken with sour cream

Enjoy the tang of pickle – and its brine – for a dish that has the flavours of salt and vinegar crisps

Pomegranate chicken, roasted onions, tahini recipe by Sam Lone

Creamy, sweet and sour, this straightforward dish brings comfort and flavour to the table

Crispy chicken thighs, spinach and goat’s cheese recipe by Anna Haugh

Chicken legs are essential for this healthy fast food dish that has only three main ingredients

Bang bang Sichuan chicken recipe by Khanh Ong

A hot (but not too hot) and spicy dish that’s poached then pounded

Oyako-don recipe by Aika Levins

When you need comfort food quickly, this flavoursome rice bowl ticks all the boxes

Recipe for creamy chicken skewers with green chilli and coriander – murgh malai tikka – by Maunika Gowardhan

Cheese is the magic finishing touch on these creamy, marinated, bite-sized pieces of chicken

Chicken soup with lime leaf, lemongrass and coconut recipe by Claire Thomson

If you like the sour, fragrant flavours of Thai tom kah gai , you’ll love this version of the popular soup

Chicken wing caesar salad recipe by Melissa Thompson

Tweak this popular salad by crisping up chicken wings instead of using breast

Recipe for Korean soy sauce braised chicken – jjimdak by Seji Hong

Simply add sugar, soy sauce and sesame oil to this chicken dish for a mildly spicy meal

The chicken bun recipe by Kitty Coles

The ideal way to use up any leftover chicken, place it in a bun with celery for added crunch

Chicken with red pepper and smoky parmesan cream recipe by Paul Flynn

The smoky flavours of the creamy sauce lift this one-pot chicken dish out of the ordinary

Pollo alla cacciatora recipe by Joe Trivelli

Serve this fragrant classic Italian stew with polenta, and plenty of greens and bread on the side

Recipe for Philippines chicken adobo with rice – adobong manok – by Sri Owen

Sweet, sticky and succulent – serve this traditional dish from the Philippines with steamed rice on the side