These are the 20 best companies to work for in the UK

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Are you sat at your desk right, reading this instead of, y'know, actually working? Instead of replying to the mountainous pile of emails clogging up your inbox, are you thinking about jacking it all in and trying something new?

There's plenty of reasons that you may want to quit your job right now, from toxic bosses making your life a misery to feeling as if you're making less money than your mates - and we want to reassure you that you're not alone if you're thinking about leaving your career. While we had 'the great resignation' of 2021 (when lockdowns saw many people leave their jobs en-masse), it seems we're now on the cusp of another seismic change in the job market.

New research from Microsoft and LinkedIn forecasts that even more people plan to leave their jobs in 2024 than after the great resignation of 2021, with 46% of people considering quitting their jobs in the next year (compared to just 40% three years ago).

It can be daunting to know where to begin when pursuing a new career path - but knowing you're applying for roles at a decent company is always a good start. So, we've got your backs.

The anonymous employee review site Glassdoor has released its annual Employees’ Choice Awards for 2024 which recognises the top companies to work for in the UK. The results are based on how highly employees have ranked their workplace for things like perks and benefits, work-life balance, career opportunities and its culture and values.

"With the jobs market softening and the rise of Gen Z, many employers are rethinking their compensation, flexibility and company culture," a spokesperson for Glassdoor explains. "According to employees, these companies are already ahead of the game."

The companies near the top of the list have reputations for having incredible benefits, for example Mastercard offers a volunteer incentive programme and plenty of flexible work opportunities, and Google has an enviable parental-leave package (plus back up childcare support).

Need some #inspo? We've rounded up the best 20 companies to work for in the UK - and if you've decided on one you like, be sure to check out the rest of our careers section to help you polish up the rest

20. Best companies to work for (UK) – Arcadis

Industry: Global design, engineering and management consulting company

Employees said: “Truly people centric organization with immense potential for individual growth!”

19. Best companies to work for (UK) – Informa

Industry: Publishing, business intelligence, and exhibitions group

Employees said: "Unbeatable respect, appreciation and growth potential."

18. Best companies to work for (UK) – Johnson & Johnson

Industry: Pharmaceutical, and medical technologies corporation

Employees said: "Credo led, good systems and processes in place. High calibre colleagues."

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17. Best companies to work for (UK) – NFU Mutual

Industry: Insurance company

Employees said: “NFUM really is a great place to work, great people, open and honest management, great opportunities to work on projects and focus on your development. The company has a clear strategy that’s well embedded and it cares about its employees."

16. Best companies to work for (UK) – easyJet

Industry: Low-cost airline company

Employees said: “Joining easyJet has been a great experience. I have had the support of my manager and colleagues throughout. I have been made to feel very welcome and included. Training and guidance has been really forthcoming."

15. Best companies to work for (UK) – Arm

Industry: Technology provider

Employees said: “Intellectually stimulating and enjoyable work. Often flexible with working times, as long as you attend all important meetings and do on average 7.5h a day”

14. Best companies to work for (UK) – Financial Times

Industry: Journalism and publishing

Employees said: “The FT is the first company I've worked for where I've truly felt like they do what they say - it's not just virtue signalling. They have extremely generous and understanding family, mental health, LGBTQ+ policies, and conduct inspiring outreach for young people."

13. Best companies to work for (UK) – Google

Industry: Technology conglomerate

Employees said: “Good salary, nice people, good working environment and tech."

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12. Best companies to work for (UK) – LEGO

Industry: Toy production

Employees said: “A unique, fun and vibrant culture at a happy and successful business."

11. Best companies to work for (UK) – Cisco

Industry: Digital communications and technology

Employees said: “Recognition is very frequent and work-life balance is spot on, with five days a year you can take for charity."

10. Best companies to work for (UK) – Gartner

Industry: Technological research and consulting firm

Employees said: “Very meritocratic, and you feel rewarded for your contributions.”

9. Best companies to work for (UK) – Mott MacDonald

Industry: Management, engineering and development consultancy

Employees said: "The culture of the company is very unique, you feel like one large family. HR are very supportive and take a genuine interest in staff welfare and development."

8. Best companies to work for (UK) – SAP

Industry: Software company

Employees said: “Big, focused organisation, knows where it's going, has a clear strategy, and provides excellent support in both work and in training".

7. Best companies to work for (UK) – Airbus

Industry: Aviation

Employees said: “Flexibility is fantastic - holidays, and flexible working. Development opportunities within the business for training and job progress appears to be great."

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6. Best companies to work for (UK) – Boston Consulting Group

Industry: Global management consulting firm

Employees said: “Good people, growth opportunities and benefits!"

5. Best companies to work for (UK) – Netcompany

Industry: IT services

Employees said: “Exciting projects and career opportunities. Inclusive and supportive culture. Flexible family friendly work patterns Entrepreneurial, empowering and fun."

4. Best companies to work for (UK) – Equal Experts

Industry: Technology consultancy

Employees said: “They really do care about employee wellbeing, its not just a tick box exercise. The flexibility is like nothing I have ever had before, my work life balance is excellent. Amazing pay and profit share, with annual reviews. Truly incredible people to work with!”

3. Best companies to work for (UK) – Housing 21

Industry: Not-for-profit provider of extra care and retirement living

Employees said: “It's hard work, you think on your feet a lot of the time, but it's very rewarding. Pay is very good, and the team I work in look out for each other, I really enjoy my job, and I do believe that Housing 21 care about their employees.”

2. Best companies to work for (UK) – Mastercard

Industry: Technology company (payments)

Employees said: “Good benefits and lovely people. Huge organisation but you don’t feel like a number."

1. Best companies to work for (UK) – Bain & Company

Industry: Business consulting

Employees said: “People-centric. Cares about individuals, developing them and giving them what they need through the highs and lows of life. Very structured in performance and development - lots of structures exists if you want to develop and progress. While this isn't forced on you, it's abundantly available for those that want to leverage this part of the culture. What has kept me here is their willingness to listen when this is called out, and the general interest and desire to do better. That's rare."

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