How to get a 1970s inspired blow dry at home according to a celebrity hairstylist

Following the incredible success of the Prime Video musical drama Daisy Jones and the Six, there’s been an increased interest in the 1970s aesthetic when it comes to our wardrobes and even oubeauty products.

After seeing Camila Morrone, Suki Waterhouse and Riley Keough bring the characters to  life on screen we have also become obsessed with the signature hairstyles of the era, think big bouncy Farrah Fawcett-esque blow dries made popular in 2023 by the likes of Matilda Djerf.

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daisy jones and the six
daisy jones and the six

“We are seeing a huge rise in requests for 70s inspired hair,” explains Limoz Logli, founder of Chelsea’s exclusive Limoz Logli salon and the go-to colourist for London’s elite, “With an air of sophistication, sexy and playful the style is definitely on trend and is here to stay. For those wanting to fully embrace it we are seeing shaggy cuts and long curtain fringes to suit all hair lengths, even bobs.”

“For those not ready to cut their hair or make that commitment big bouncy blow dries and side swept fringes are a good way to get the look at your next blow dry appointment,” he advises.

Why is 70s style hair so popular at the moment?

“We have all seen the huge rise of the 70s trend in both fashion and interior design, with the likes of Chanel’s 22/23 Métiers d’art collection. Which tapped into the pop-soul-funk disco 70s era showcasing Knits, bouclé, flared, denim and blouson tops,” explains Logli. His immaculately Instagrammable salon (designed by Design & That Studio) has become one of the most talked about beauty openings of 2023, and also bears all the hallmarks of fashions new favourite aesthetic, “When we were designing our new salon last year we became obsessed with 70s interior design,” Logli tells us, getting inspiration from, "Mario Bellini’s Camaleonda sofas, mushroom lamps and colour drenching earthy tones.”

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Actress Farrah Fawcett, wearing jeans, sweatshirt and Nike athletic shoes, practices skateboarding for an episode of Charlie's Angels.
Actress Farrah Fawcett, wearing jeans, sweatshirt and Nike athletic shoes, practices skateboarding for an episode of Charlie's Angels.

For those of you who can’t make it in for an appointment (although we highly recommend you do) Logli gives us the lowdown on how to get the signature 1970s blow dry at home…

How can you achieve big 70s hair at home?

“Prep by applying volumising spray to the roots working section by section to ensure you get volume hold all over.”

“Use heated rollers or a heatless curler to achieve your big curls. We love heatless curlers but heated rollers are best if you want to get ready quickly.”

“If using a heatless curler, clip in place on rough dried but slightly damp hair and with the piece of hair closest to parting (starting at front), begin wrapping hair around the curler away from the face. “

“Working your way downwards to the under sections, take additional sections of hair and wrap around the curler until all hair on each side has been wrapped. The bigger the section and the more widely they are wrapped, the bigger and bouncier the 70 wave.”

Celebrity hairstylist Limoz Logli
Celebrity hairstylist Limoz Logli

“Secure the ends of the hair with the hair ties, remove the clip. Spray the hair with hairspray to ensure better hold.”

“When the hair is dry you are ready to unwrap your locks and reveal your gorgeous curls or waves.”

“Similar principles apply if you use heated rollers. Although it is important to start with completely dry hair. Use larger sections with medium to large rollers and wrap the hair backwards and vertical."

How do I create a 70s fringe?

"To create the iconic windswept fringe use smaller sections and roll the hair backwards vertically. When they are removed they will give that curtain fridge effect which falls forward on the face.”

“In either case when you remove the curlers don’t leave the waves in their sections, Brush through entirely with a big paddle brush or large come to separate and give that smooth sophisticated finish.”

How do you make your 70s blow dry last for as long as possible?

“The trick to a long lasting bouncy 70s blow dry is the setting time,” explains Logli, “Whether you are using the heated rollers or the heartless curler, the trick is to leave it to set and cool down as long as possible. Long setting time, long lasting time. Think overnight with the heatless curlers.”

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