1899 viewers are all saying the same thing about the new series

1899 ending explained
1899 viewers all saying same thing about showNetflix

Netflix dropped drama thriller series 1899 last Thursday (17th November), and judging by the fact it went straight into the Top 10, it’s safe to say everyone is obsessed.

The eight-part series sees a group of migrants travel on a steamship from London to New York to start their new lives. However, things don't go exactly as planned when they find the boat's sister ship, Prometheus, adrift at sea, having been missing for four months. When they step on board the new ship, their journey to a new beginning descends into a nightmare.

1899 ending explained

Netflix viewers are already getting to grips with the series, with many praising 1899 on social media.

However, one thing many fans are saying about the show, is whilst it's great, it is a little bit confusing, with one person saying: "Ok so what is going on in 1899? Did I miss 2 hours of something or…I embrace enigmatic films/TV shows, but this is slightly confusing."

Another said: "Started watching #1899 last night and it’s deffo going to be a confusing watch."

And another said: "1899 is the most confusing, epic and strangest series that I watched."

It is perhaps not too surprising viewers are finding the plot of 1899 a tad confusing as the show's creators Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese are known for their thought provoking series.

The creative duo are the team behind Netflix's Dark, the critically acclaimed show about a young girl who goes missing from a fictional German village. In the aftermath of her disappearance, a sinister time travel plot is revealed.

However, bo Odar and Friese are quick to point out 1899 is very different to Dark. In an interview with Netflix, bo Odar said: "We knew we didn't want to make a second Dark. Dark was an almost melancholy series. 1899 has a wildly fast tempo. The ship is always moving and that translates onto the whole show.

"It’s about a journey; the characters aren't standing still, and on the ship itself, everything is always moving. The plot has so much energy. We like it. We were really impressed with even the first draft. It’s like a sort of polar opposite to Dark."

1899 is available on Netflix now.

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