This 180-Rep Barbell and Burpee Finisher Ignites Calories

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180-Rep Barbell & Burpee FinisherJustin Knussi - Hearst Owned

Burpees, we love to hate them. Whether they have a place in our training plans or not is still a point of contention in the fitness industry, with many arguing they are all too often performed incorrectly. A case of risk outweighing reward.

Still, at MH we welcome (a few) burpees in our workouts, and nobody can deny the cardiovascular benefits they provide when performed correctly and programmed in our bodyweight workouts. There are also many options to regress the exercise, ensuring everyone can burpee in some way, shape or form.

Like us, coach Justin Knussi doesn't shy away from a few burpees and below delivers you a barbell and burpee finisher that will skyrocket your heart rate and spark your cardio into life. 'Focus on setting a pace per round. The three minutes rest should be adequate to recover and repeat the efforts,' says Knussi.

Grab a barbell and get to it.

The Workout

Four Rounds – Rest Three Minutes. Knussi recommends having 35/45kg on the bar, however scale to suit your ability.

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Barbell Thrusters x 25 Reps

Begin by cleaning the barbell into the front-rack position with your elbows nice and high and chest lifted. Have your feet a little wider than your hips and keep your core locked. Sit your hips down into a low squat and then explosively push through the legs so the barbell travels up overhead. Control the weight back down into a squat for your next rep. To regress the exercise, a thruster can also be performed with two dumbbells in the front-rack position, or just one dumbbell held either end in the goblet position in front of your chest.

Knussi recommends: 'Try using the legs out of the bottom of the squat position to allow for less shoulder fatigue. Extending the hips rapidly to transfer power from the legs. through the torso, to the barbell and into the overhead position.

'If you need to break up the thrusters into a few sets this is absolutely fine. Always stay a few reps shy of ‘failing’ a rep, so if you need to, drop the bar, take a few seconds and repeat.'

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Burpee Over Bar x 20 Reps

Start standing tall next to your barbell and reach down into a crouched position with your hands either side of your feet. Shoot the legs back by jumping into a high-plank position with your core locked. Perform a chest to floor press-up by lowering yourself all the way to the floor and then push yourself back to the high plank. Jump the feet in between your hands back into the crouch position. From here, jump over the barbell sideways, with your hands overhead. On your descent, begin your next rep by crouching to the floor once again.

Knussi recommends: 'Keep a good cadence here, one that you can do 20 reps without a break. Think about stepping into the burpee rather than jumping, as this will keep your heart rate lower.'

To Regress The Burpee

The burpee is an advanced exercise for many. Here are some options to regress the burpee to make it lower impact:

  • Take out the jumps: After crouching low, step the legs out into the high-plank position and after the press up, step them back in. Instead of jumping, stand upright in between reps.

  • Regress the press up: If you find yourself struggling with the press up portion of the exercise, perform it with your knees down.

  • To regress the exercise even further: Take out the jumps and press-ups completely by reaching down to the floor, crouching down, stepping into a high plank, stepping the feet back in and returning to standing. This is one rep.

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