18 Unsettling Photos That Made Me Check My Own Pulse

18 Unsettling Photos That Made Me Check My Own Pulse

I think I need a second set of eyes for some photos I just saw, because I'm having trouble believing they're real. Here are 19 pictures from r/weird that made my head spin:

1."Haven't seen this before."

Person in platform shoes with a small cage containing a rat attached to the heel, text "ONLY IN NEW YORK" at top
u/Deathrider66 / Via reddit.com

2."This birthday card my daughter made for me."

A sketchbook open to a page with hand-drawn doodles of various cartoonish faces and animals
u/magic_fun_guy / Via reddit.com

3."Found this at the public restroom. Might give them a call later."

Sticker on a surface with text promoting a local farting contest and a phone number for contact
u/Weak-Cantaloupe-917 / Via reddit.com

4."What am I witnessing?"

Summarized text: Person shares a letter from their father in prison, claiming a new way to make energy, asking for insights
u/banned6th / Via reddit.com

5."I found this in the woods. What do you think is inside? I was nervous to open it."

A geocache container is attached to a tree trunk in a wooded area
u/Morris1211 / Via reddit.com

6."This strange allergy."

Article headline about a 25-year-old woman allergic to water, discussing her experience with scalp bleeding after showers
u/Fast-Beat-7779 / Via reddit.com

7."Rich people are weird."

Two images side by side, showing a plated chicken dish before and after being cut, served in an upscale dining setting
u/BreakRules939 / Via reddit.com

8."Finger found at my local Walmart."

Leaf on a textured, worn yellow surface
u/maniithegod / Via reddit.com

9."Found this while walking today. Guess I'm gonna die soon."

Silver pendant with intricate design of a figure playing a harp, held in a person's hand
u/Ithinksotoo92 / Via reddit.com

10."There is an internet rumor that this brand of perfume attracts wolf spiders, and a wolf spider showed up in my house today for the first time ever."

Person holding a bottle of hair oil spray with a spider on the wall in the background
u/zuzuofthewolves / Via reddit.com

11."Jailbreak or trash?"

Discarded plastic bags and trash entangled in barren shrubbery with snow patches on ground
u/p1son / Via reddit.com

12."This item on FB Marketplace."

Taxidermy deer with hunting gear advertised for sale online, price listed, with option to message seller
u/DarkCelestial / Via reddit.com

13."That isn't my last name."

Receipt with a handwritten note saying "Alex dead" under the name section
u/darthblazer67 / Via reddit.com

14."I opened the curtains in my hotel to a pretty strange sight this morning..."

Multiple people are seen through a square window, appearing to be in a line, with a bed visible in the lower window
u/Nationaltwenty / Via reddit.com

15."Squirrel tails are uncomfortably thin."

Squirrel standing upright with paws spread on a window, with foliage and a road in the background
u/Deeri- / Via reddit.com

16."DoorDash driver texted me this way after drop off."

Text messages show a conversation about a food order and a nonsensical response
u/Comprehensive-Big177 / Via reddit.com

17."He is missing the other half of his body."

A large Donald Trump figure on a unicycle, in front of a vehicle with text and a mannequin
u/KCousins4President / Via reddit.com

18.And finally, "Time to delete Bumble."

Person jumping, mid-air, obscured face, scenic snowy lakeside background, casual attire
u/Zayyded / Via reddit.com