20 of our best trifle recipes

20 of our best trifle recipes

Retro desserts are making a comeback, and top of our list is the humble trifle! Forget the classic pud of old, because there are so many different twists on traditional trifle – from our indulgent Black Forest to espresso martini trifle (yes, you read that right). For those who aren't fans of Christmas pudding, trifle is a certified Christmas crowd-pleaser, so, why not try our clementine and prosecco trifle or sloe gin trifle this year?

Not only is a trifle quick and easy to prepare, but it can be kept in the fridge a few hours prior to serving, making it a great dinner party dessert. After all, who wants to spend all evening in the kitchen?

Read on for Good Housekeeping's favourite trifle recipes for 2022...

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Berries and fizz Coronation trifle

This celebration trifle recipe is made using shop bought madeira cake. The homemade jelly uses Prosecco - it is a celebration after all.

Recipe: Berries and fizz Coronation trifle

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Black Forest Trifle Pots

A classic combination, these individual trifles are the perfect sweet finish to your meal. The gold leaf-coated cherries add that extra festive flourish, but you can use glacé cherries instead if you wish.

Recipe: Black Forest Trifle Pots

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Clementine and Prosecco Trifle

The retro mix of almonds and sugar sprinkles brings welcome crunch to the topping on this fruity but rich pud, but you could use some pared orange zest instead.

Recipe: Clementine and Prosecco Trifle

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White chocolate, raspberry and passionfruit trifle

This foolproof pudding looks impressive but is easy to whip up and will prove popular with both adults and children alike.

Recipe: White chocolate, raspberry and passionfruit trifle

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Trifle Layer Loaf

An impressive way to serve a classic trifle, this layered loaf makes the perfect dinner party dessert. Everyone will be requesting the recipe!

Recipes: Trifle Layer Loaf

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Easy Christmas trifle

This Christmas trifle is full of festive flavours and looks striking on the table. Better yet, it requires little hands-on time and can be made in advance.

Recipe: Easy Christmas trifle

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Strawberry, Gin and Basil Trifle

Sweet juicy strawberries and fragrant basil are a subtle yet winning pairing, and a splash of gin brings a grown-up edge to this crowd-pleasing dessert.

Recipe: Strawberry, Gin and Basil Trifle

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Aperol spritz trifle

We’ve turned this refreshing summer cocktail into a crowd-pleasing, prepare-ahead dessert.

Recipe: Aperol spritz trifle

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Espresso martini trifle

This chocolate trifle recipe couldn't be easier. Supermarket chocolate cake, lashings of fresh custard and whipped cream and vodka and Kahlua of course. Delicious.

Recipe: Espresso martini trifle

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Sloe gin trifle

This sloe gin trifle is full of wintery flavours and seasonal fruit. You can even use your own homemade sloe gin using our simple recipe, if you like.

Recipe: Sloe gin trifle

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Black forest trifle

We've fused two of our favourite retro desserts to make one showstopping pud!

Recipe: Black forest trifle

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The Wimbledon Cup trifle

Spiked with Pimm's syrup, this trifle simply sings of summer.

Recipe: The Wimbledon Cup trifle

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Christmas cake trifle

Not a fan of fruit cake? Use Jamaican ginger or chocolate cake instead in this easy Christmas trifle recipe instead.

Recipe: Christmas cake trifle

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Cranberry Trifle

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without trifle. This recipe uses ready-made sponges and custard to make it super simple. Trust us, no one will ever know.

Recipe: Cranberry Trifle

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Iced Raspberry and Eggnog Trifle Cake

This trifle cake recipe is the perfect pud for Christmas and looks oh-so pretty on the table.

Recipe: Iced Raspberry and Eggnog Trifle Cake

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Pomegranate, Blueberry and Pistachio Trifles

These individual trifles are perfect for festive dinner parties or the big day itself.

Recipe: Pomegranate, Blueberry and Pistachio Trifles

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Gin trifle

Simple and speedy to make, gin adds a fresh flavour to this light and fruity trifle that is bound to become a summer pudding staple.

Recipe: Gin trifle

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Apricot and peach trifle

This easy trifle makes the most of stone fruit season and uses shopbought Madeira cake to save time – genius!

Recipe: Apricot and peach trifle

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White Chocolate Trifle

Sweet-toothed guests will love this retro dessert, which uses a white chocolate custard you'll want to make time and time again.

Recipe: White Chocolate Trifle

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Crème Anglaise trifle

This crème Anglaise trifle is a French take on the classic British dessert and every bit as tasty.

Recipe: Crème Anglaise trifle

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These are our best trifle recipes, from chocolate trifles to boozy trifles. Make a trifle as a showstopper for any special occasion.