17 People Who Were Wrong, Wrong, Wrong And Got Caught In The Act

1.Another day, another person who tried to correct Stephen King's grammar:

"U.S. history clearly not your strong point, Danno."
u/Aniki1990 / Via reddit.com

2.This anti-trans a-hole got a liiiiittle confused about genetics:

"Get over yourself."
u/jumbled_beans / Via reddit.com

3.This person regurgitated a common misconception about electric cars:

Screenshot of social media comments
u/vulvasaur69420 / Via reddit.com

4.As it turns out, you can't just make money appear out of thin air:

"now we both earn $10"
u/maddest-hatter / Via reddit.com
u/maddest-hatter / Via reddit.com

5.There's so much going on here that's wrong, it's like watching someone step on multiple rakes:

"A clitoris is a mini penis..."
u/PumpkinkPatch / Via reddit.com

6.And this person in the comments of the previous post apparently thinks the clitoris and foreskin are both mutations from radiation:

"a clitoris isn't natural just like forskin on the penis isn't."
u/PumpkinkPatch / Via reddit.com

7.This person was adamant that the US is the ONLY country with Thanksgiving:

"OMG. I love how you are so confident in your idiocy."
u/jasperdekimmel / Via reddit.com

8.Another victim of your/you're:

"have your read you're response???"
u/ditch217 / Via reddit.com

9.Jesus is literally in the Quran:

"Islam is older then Christianity."
u/de4dpunk_ / Via reddit.com

10.Imagine telling a Native American to "go back to your own country" and not pausing for a second to think about it before pressing "send":

"If ya don't like our religion, our God, and our missionaries, just go back to your own country!"
u/Sadie9282 / Via reddit.com

11."No you are wrong":

"no you are wrong."
u/l1qmaballs / Via reddit.com

12.Two attempts at the correct "their," but alas, 0 for 2:

u/Fettmaster2000 / Via reddit.com

13.The downvotes say it all:

"American grammar rules are weird."
u/Proof_Let4967 / Via reddit.com

14.Seriously, what is it with Americans and forgetting that the UK exists:

"I'm British."
u/_nik_al / Via reddit.com

15.I always love reading a flat Earther's "proof":

Screenshot of a Facebook post
u/vidanyabella / Via reddit.com

16.Apparently, if you're not in the EU, then you have no continent:

"It's not in the EU but still very European"
u/IAMPURINA / Via reddit.com

17.And finally, have fun watching this end times prophet repeatedly backtrack their predictions about the rapture:

"Still here"
u/jimdoodles / Via reddit.com