17 People Who Just.......Went For It

1.It's true, they do:

before sign: guess what god loves you and after it changed to: guess what dogs love you
u/chappeddick23 / Via

2."There we go, all the signs for the Art Festival are up. Excuse me, where are you going with that letter F sign?"

the signs on the lamp posts now read Fart instead of art
u/LimpScissors / Via

3.Whoever decided to add this bumper sticker to this Tastykake truck is a genius:

this truck is equipped with tastybreaks
u/ittybittyclittyy / Via

4.Somebody got a label maker and is making the most of it:

a brother printer gets an added labeled so that it reads, fuck yeah brother
u/redditdanis / Via

5.This "organic waste" truck knew exactly what to do:

sticker reads, full of political lies
u/yellowgiraffe55 / Via

6.Great run, everybody, well done:

a pole has mulitple signs reading, this is a crosswalk, this is a sign, this is a pole, no this is patrick
u/Riley8284 / Via

7.No, YOU are:

cut off sign on a pole now reads, you are a dog leash
u/DJ_DTM / Via

8.They're out of line, but they're right:

starting a foundation that gives disadvantaged children one wild ass night at the club and someone responds with: cinderella
u/Metatart / Via

9.I like to imagine this dad actually went outside with a spring, threw it in the air, and snapped this picture, rather than just finding it on Google:

spring is in the air
u/yijokis833 / Via

10.It's not often you see the owner of a huge, lifted truck with this kind of self-awareness:

  u/invisiblemachine / Via
u/invisiblemachine / Via

11.I'd like to bring to your attention the names of all the snow plows in Wichita, Kansas. I'm a fan of Clearopathra:

a map with all the names of the snow plows and their paths, like baby snowda, slush puppy, betty white out, lil snow peep
u/Zero7CO / Via

12.They started a Chinese restaurant in Maine, and they knew exactly what to call it:

chow maine
u/Radiuses / Via

13.What a luxury for Ben:

instead of the bathroom sign reading men, it says, ben
u/Teekhi-Girl / Via

14.People were discussing what the Oklahoma Panhandle would be named if it was its own state. They all won:

the great state of minus, minussippi, minnusota

15.There's no better place for terrible puns than Tinder (unless you actually want to find love):

person's name is april so the other one says they'll be gone in 16 days because it's gonna be may with the meme of justin timberlake
u/bostonjdog / Via

16.Like, you're either going to find your soulmate with this or immediately get unmatched:

person asks the other what their go-to karaoke song is and when the other responds with i want it that way by the backstreet boys the first person asks, tell me why
u/Moylester / Via

17.And finally, everybody here understood the assignment:

please check if you flushed sign with a bunch of check marks on it
u/Bubble_Babe_0o0o0o / Via