17 Not-So-Fun Facts That Are Actually Pretty Damn Dark

Warning: This article contains mentions of murder, death, and suicide. Please proceed with caution.

Recently, redditor u/Ghost-5AVAGE_786 asked, "What is your not-so-fun fact?" Users from all around the world shared their less-than-fun facts, which ranged from unpleasant to straight-up dark. Here are 17 of them:

If you'd like to learn more about a particular topic, sources have been linked out for each fact.

1.Butterflies are attracted to blood, sweat, and tears in the same way they are attracted to nectar.

Child observing a butterfly resting on their finger, close-up view

2."The low reflective bumper on the rear of an 18-wheeler trailer is called a Mansfield Bar. It's named after actor Jayne Mansfield, who died after her driver ran into the back of a trailer at 2 in the morning in 1967. Jayne, her lawyer, and her children, including 3-year-old Mariska Hargitay, were in the vehicle. The car slid under the trailer and none of the adults survived the crash."

Top: A severely damaged vehicle after an accident. Bottom: Jayne Mansfield holding her infant child

3."Horses can't throw up. If they need to throw up, they'll die."

White horse standing against a dark background

4."There is a condition in which damaged tissue is replaced by bone. People with this condition are slowly consumed by their own skeleton and have to choose which position they want to spend the rest of their life in after a certain point."

Various human bones arranged on a black background to resemble a skeleton

5."Whale carcasses can explode."

Whale bones scattered across a rocky landscape with snow-covered hills in the background

6."Judith Barsi, the girl who played Ducky in The Land Before Time, was shot in the head by her own father after years of abuse at his hands."

Florence Henderson, Mike Lookinland, Robert Reed, and Susan Olsen posing together on set

7."The first suicide hotline was created after a man — 23-year-old deacon Chad Varah conducted the funeral of a 13 or 14-year-old girl. She killed herself after she got her period for the first time and assumed it was an STD, since no one talked about periods at the time."

Person's hand hanging up an old-fashioned rotary telephone

8."There is a whale nicknamed "52 Blue" who is the only whale who sings at a frequency of 52 hertz, meaning it can't communicate with other whales. It is considered the loneliest whale on the planet."

Underwater view of a humpback whale with visible flippers and tail

9."When bed bugs have sex, the male stabs his barbed penis directly through the female, into her organs."

Bed bug on a textured surface

10."The same guy — Thomas Midgley, Jr. — invented both leaded petrol and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). I'm not sure if there is another single individual in history who caused more damage to the environment."

Portrait of a man in a vintage suit and glasses looking at the camera

11."Female hyenas have a pseudopenis that they give birth through."

Two hyenas in the wild, one adult and a cub showing affection

12."Bus seats are designed so that you can't tell how dirty they are."

Interior of an empty bus with rows of seats and handrails

13."Dolphins can be sexually attracted to you and will definitely try to do something about it."

Dolphin peeking above water surface

14.Some of what doctors know about hypothermia and how to deal with it came from "Nazi science" in WWII.

Medical team rushing a patient on a stretcher through a hospital corridor

15."One of the most common ways to get testicular torsion is just sleeping wrong."

Illustration comparing normal testicular anatomy with testicular torsion, highlighting twisted spermatic cord

16."Andy was a goose who was born without feet on a farm in Nebraska. He was disabled for the first two years of his life, until an inventor named Gene Flemings heard about his disability and decided to create a new method of movement for him. He initially tried to teach Andy to ride a skateboard but eventually settled on teaching the goose to walk in baby-sized sneakers. Since Gene worked with a local charity for disabled children, Andy became a role model, and even caught the eyes of the media, with Nike offering a lifetime supply of shoes and the pair being featured on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Andy disappeared on October 19th, 1991, and was later found with his head and wings torn off. The perpetrator was never found."

Man kneeling beside a goose under an umbrella attached to a small wheeled cart

17.And finally, "Melting permafrost could soon present humanity with deadly diseases that we have no vaccines for."

Icicles hanging from a snowy bank with frozen ground underneath

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