16 Rootin' Tootin' Photos That Prove The South Is Honestly Its Own Country

Howdy! 🤠 As a local Southerner, I always forgot how wild it truly is down in these here parts. If a traveler ends up 'round here, then they're probablyyy gonna witness something shockingly strange that makes them say, "Yee-huh???"

Golfer stands near a large alligator on a golf course, preparing for a putt
u/5_Frog_Margin / Via

Here are 17 photos that show exactly what I mean:

1.The stereotype that you can buy guns from a vending machine in the South is false — but bullets? Yeah, of course:

A vending machine filled with bullets instead of candy, placed indoors
u/Granjaguar / Via

2.This is someone's Southern dad's favorite snack:

Hand holding a partially eaten Moon Pie with a Mtn Dew flavor, packaging in background
u/Khambodia / Via

3.🎶 He took the midnight train (John Deere Tractor) goin' anywhere (the McDonald's drive-thru):

A tractor is queued at a McDonald's Drive-Thru, showcasing an unconventional vehicle choice for fast food
u/Heathbarlover1978 / Via

4.Most people are afraid of being eaten by an alligator, but in the South, the gators are the ones that should be scared:

Package of "HOUSE OF JERKY" Alligator Jerky, 1.75 oz with ingredients and company contact info
u/mermazing89 / Via

5.This is what they might call a "yee-hammock":

Car suspended in air between two trees, rear-end damaged, near a house. No persons visible
u/droolmonkey5 / Via

6.Not to be confused with the yeehawt tub:

A Toyota Hilux truck bed converted into an above-ground pool with wooden decking around it
u/Zzazy1 / Via

7.If it CAN be deep fried, it WILL be deep fried:

A sign for "Deep Fried Kool-Aid"
u/Itorres1 / Via

8.I know you're curious to know what deep fried Kool-Aid looks like — here you go:

Three deep-fried Kool-Aid balls on a plate with a packet of Kool-Aid and a cup of sauce in the background
u/[deleted] / Via

9.The South takes their sweet tea VERY seriously:

Two beverage dispensers labeled "Sweet" and "Also Sweet" with ice cubes and cups in front
u/AbysswalkerSilent / Via

10.Like, this bucket will need to be refilled long before the neglected unsweet tea:

Dispensers labeled "SWEET" and "UNSWEET" for iced tea, with cups and lemon slices available
u/Invidian / Via

11.This is a classic Southern grocery store aisle with all the essentials:

Aisle sign in a store indicating Beer, Charcoal, Insecticide available in aisle 9
u/Chambeastly / Via

12.Absolutely no notes on "Praise Da Lard":

A small building with a sign that reads "praise Da LARD CRACKLINS" and features a pig-shaped bench in the front
u/kastlin7 / Via

13.The billboards in the South ALL look like this:

Billboard for McCaysville Drug & Gun store advertising guns, ammo, accessories, and prescriptions with a graphic of a pistol and pills. Address obscured
u/SoFlo1 / Via

14.None of them are just normal signs:

Billboard for Georgia Pecan Outlet named "Deez Nutz" with slogan "WE GOT 'EM" flanked by BP and Shell logos
u/naegle / Via

15.Southerners are always prepared just in case 30–50 feral hogs run into your yard:

Flyer offering wild hog problem solutions with contact number
u/HipNugget / Via

16.Okay, even I can't explain this one:

Gun counter with firearms displayed under glass, adjacent to a prescriptions sign in a store
u/[deleted] / Via

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