16 Photos That Will Make You Say — In Michael Scott Voice — "No. God. No, No, Please No. No. Noooooooo"

Today my brain went full Michael Scott after seeing these 19 terrifying photos from Reddit. Consider yourself warned, so scroll if you dare to see them...

Screenshot from "The Office"

1.This person whose back seat got seized by snails:

Snails all over someone's back seat

2.This eye dice that BLINKS:

Closeup of an eye

3.This photo that was "found behind a picture frame in my house":

A creepy drawing

4.This bathroom that is straight out of a horror film:

Roaches all over someone's bathroom

5.This wisdom tooth that is absolutely mind-boggling:

A wisdom tooth that looks like tentacles

6.And this tooth found in someone's coat pocket at work:

a hand holding a tooth

7.This eerie sculpture on Dracula's beach — the beach in Whitby, UK where the ship carrying Dracula crashed:

a creepy sculpture on a berach

8.These, uh, figures:

creepy dolls lined up

9.This weird money box that was found in someone's basement (under the red triangle is the penis):

a piggy bank shaped like a man lying down

10.The bugs that were found in these pistachios:

Bugs in a pistachio

11.Whoever decided it would be just fine to stack doll heads on their vehicle's antenna:

doll heads on a car antenna

12.This mushroom-filled room referred to as the "mush room":

A room full of mushrooms and a cat

13.This clown that wants to be in your nightmares:

a scary clown

14.The basement of this house:

What looks like blood on the walls of a basement

15.This doll that was bound and hidden:

A doll that's tied up

16.And, finally, this cat who is capable of seeing through your soul with its eyes (but I love cats so this one is only mildly terrifying):

A cat sitting on the edge of a countertop