18 mini egg recipes for Easter

best mini egg recipes
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Easter cake baking is one of the great pleasures of the Easter holidays and whether you bake in the lead up to Easter, or if you're finding ways to use up leftover chocolates, then our mini egg recipes are our go-to's for delicious treats every time.

There's something about the pretty pastel colours that instantly transforms an easy chocolate cake into a dessert fit for the Easter table and bring an instant spring-like feel with it. Keep scrolling for our best mini egg recipes for 2024.

Mini eggs also make perfect additions to no-bake Easter treats including Easter bark - which is simply melted chocolate studded with mini eggs and broken up into chunks once cooled (it makes a really thoughtful Easter gift FYI).

They can also be the crowning glory of a simple cornflake cake (the easiest of all Easter recipes) and decorate the top of this simple refrigerator wreath cake.

One of our absolute favourite recipes to make at Easter is our speckled Easter egg cupcakes. Not only are they topped with mini eggs but the pastel green icing is flecked with a mixture of cocoa powder and water to look like the delicate shell of an egg. It's much easier than you might thing and looks spectacular if you're looking to impress your guests, or want a baking challenge for yourself.

Having an easy cookie recipe is always a good idea if you're having friends or family coming around and we particularly love these mini egg cookies. Think of them as a deconstructed cornflake cake with an extra crunch from the cereal and they have that perfect thin, crispy and chewy texture we love.

A real showstopper is our Easter cake, topped with mini eggs, and with pastel icing in pinks, greens and yellows - artfully smudged to create a stunning impression. Trust us. It's much easier than it looks and we've also filmed a video to show you how to get started.

Get baking and Happy Easter!

mini egg blondies
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Easter Egg Tiffin

A guaranteed hit with little ones, tiffins are good way of using up leftover dried fruit, nuts and biscuits so try experimenting with different combinations. We've transformed this into a mini egg recipe with a generous topping, of course.

Recipe: Easter Egg Tiffin

best easter recipes easter egg tiffin with mini eggs
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Simnel Cupcakes

Easter cupcakes are an easy treat to make. Our simnel cupcakes are made with fruitcake batter, topped with almond flavour icing and mini eggs.

Recipe: Simnel Cupcakes with mini eggs

simnel cupcakes easter cupcakes
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Double Decker Rocky Road

Kids and adults will love this fun twist on classic rocky road. Swap the biscuit balls and mini eggs for any Easter treats you have left over.

Recipe: Double Decker Rocky Road

creme egg recipes double decker rocky road
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Mini Egg Cheesecake Squares

These layered cheesecake squares are topped with mini eggs, are a perfect Easter treat. If making for children you may like to swap the orange zest for 1tsp vanilla extract.

Recipe: Mini Egg Cheesecake Squares

best easter recipes mini egg cheesecake squares
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Speckled Easter egg cupcakes

These Easter cupcakes, topped with mini eggs, are decorated so the icing looks like finely speckled eggs.

Recipe: Speckled Easter egg cupcakes

easter mini egg cupcakes recipe
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Easter Bark

A very simple, Easter themed take on a chocolate bark, with both milk and white chocolate and decorated with mini eggs and sprinkles.

Recipe: Easter Bark

easy chocolate easter bark with mini eggs
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Easter Rainbow Cake

This stunning Easter cake is made with Simnel-inspired flavours. The icing is easier than it looks. Follow our video tutorial on how to achieve the look.

Recipe: Easter Rainbow Cake

mini egg recipes easter rainbow cake
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Giant Easter Cornflake Cake with Mini Eggs

What's better than mini cornflake nests? A giant one filled with with this mini egg recipe! Milk and dark chocolate covered cornflakes, set in a giant nest cake, it's perfect for any Easter celebration.

Recipe: Giant Easter Cornflake Cake with Mini Eggs

best mini egg recipes chocolate cornflake cake
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Easy mini egg chocolate cake

This chocolate cake is foolproof even for the most unconfident of bakers. A simple chocolate sponge that's covered in a chocolate ganache and mini chocolate eggs, it's the perfect Easter celebration cake.

Recipe: Easy mini egg chocolate cake

best mini egg recipes the easiest chocolate cake in the world
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Mini egg no-bake-chocolate-cake

You'll be shocked at how delicious this 10-minute no-bake cake is! A great mini egg recipe with minimal fuss.

Recipe: Mini egg no-bake-chocolate-cake

best mini egg recipes no bake easter chocolate cake
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Easy mini egg chocolate cake

If you need a delicious cake in a hurry, then this is the recipe for you. We have used Nutella in this cheats sponge and then topped it with a Nutella, cream cheese frosting.

Recipe: Easy mini egg chocolate cake

best mini egg recipes easy easter chocolate cake
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Mini egg cookies

We love Easter cookies and these mini egg cookies are a twist on classic cornflake cakes recipe. Adding the breakfast cereal gives a nice crunch to these cookies, and they're super fun to make with the kids.

Recipe: Cornflake and mini egg cookies

easter biscuits   mini egg cookie recipe
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Mix and match chocolate lollipops

Pick your chocolate, flavouring and topping and let your imagination run wild.

Recipe: Mix and match chocolate lollipops

best mini egg recipes easter chocolate lollipops
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Mini egg Easter Basket Cake

A carrot cake for the Easter Bunny! This showstopper cake is a must for your Easter celebrations.

Recipe: Easter Basket Cake

best mini egg recipes easter basket cake
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Lavender and Lemon Easter Meringue Nests

These little lavender meringues, are a lovely light pudding and delightful mini egg recipe with a difference.

Recipe: Lavender and Lemon Easter Meringue Nests

best mini egg recipes lavender and lemon easter nests
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Hidden Bunny Chocolate Loaf Cake

When you cut into this chocolate loaf cake, you'll be met with a surprise of a madeira cake bunny! This cake is topped with Nutella buttercream and all of your favourite Easter confectionary.

Recipe: Hidden Bunny Chocolate Loaf Cake

best mini egg recipes hidden easter bunny loaf cake

Rocky Road with creme eggs and mini eggs

This rocky road is a little bit different! With a rice crispy and marshmallow base, it's topped with mini eggs, marshmallows and creme eggs, giving the traditional rocky road, an Easter twist! Kids will love making this recipe, and you'll love them making it because it's so simple but produces delicious results.

Recipe: Easter Rocky Road

best mini egg recipes easter rocky road
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